Turbocharge Your Trading: The 4-Week ‘Prop-Firm’ Bootcamp

Turbocharge Your Trading:
The 4-Week ‘Prop-Firm’ Bootcamp

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • I’ve been working on my trading for what seems like ages and I still haven’t broken through to consistent profitability or significant returns no matter how hard I’ve tried.
  • I feel like I know all the right things to do and I see trades setting up left and right, but I botch up the execution time and time again and end up with results nowhere near my potential.
  • I know that all it would take is one or two little tweaks and I could start crushing it in the markets, and yet I can never seem to actually make those simple tweaks.
  • Whenever I start doing well and think I’m finally about to start achieving my goals, I get slapped back down to reality- and it’s beginning to take a toll on my soul.
  • I want to become a consistently profitable trader who makes serious money so badly that I can taste it, and yet I’m at a loss for why I haven’t been able to make it happen after all this time. 
  • My trading goals always feel so close, and yet so, so far away. It’s emotionally exhausting.

The X-Factor In Trading Success

If any (or most) of these statements resonate with you, you’re not alone. This is the reality for most independent traders. 

Notice we didn’t say “for most traders”. We said “for most independent traders”.

There’s a reason for that.

Independent traders are at a great disadvantage to prop firm and hedge fund traders. And the really big disadvantage is not the better technology or information edge that those firm traders have. That may add a bit of an edge, but it’s not the pivotal factor by any means.

The true X-factor is the combination of:

  • Rapid Feedback Loops
  • Constant Accountability
  • Expert Guidance
  • Personal Performance Coaching

THESE factors are actually what’s missing in the world of independent trading. 

You’re trading all alone and therefore have no real professional feedback on your trading- certainly not the rapid and continuous feedback that allows for accelerated learning and skill development that firm traders get.

You’re also not accountable to anyone for sticking to your strategy, managing your risk properly, or doing what it takes to hit your trading goals. The power of external accountability is HUGE, and it’s virtually non-existent for independent traders. 

As an important side note, when we did 1-on-1 mentorships in the past, our conclusion was that a massive part of the phenomenal performance of so many traders was precisely because of the daily accountability they received from us.

When you’re trading on your own, you also don’t have timely expert guidance like the pro traders at professional trading firms do. Firm traders not only get taught strategies with real-world edge, but they get continuous guidance on implementing and executing those strategies early on in the learning curve until they’re proficient. As an independent trader, you’re left to fend for yourself through pure trial and error, often not even being aware of the mistakes you’re making.

And finally, firm traders get personal performance coaching. They have senior traders assess their overall trading performance and goals, and they’re given direction on what to focus on and how to improve. As an independent trader, you’re once again left all alone to do this for yourself.

Given all this, it’s not difficult to understand why the success rate of independent traders is so much lower than firm traders, even if those independent traders have access to quality education that teaches them trading strategies with a real-world edge.

It’s not that independent traders can’t succeed without this X-Factor. They most certainly can and do. It’s just that having the X-Factor makes everything faster, easier, and increases the odds of success. And that’s not something to be taken lightly.

So instead of just accepting the status quo that independent traders need to go without all these helpful factors, we’ve decided to create a bootcamp that emulates all these X-factors…

Mirroring a Prop Firm Trading Environment

Imagine how fast you could improve your trading if, for 4 weeks straight, you were getting rapid feedback loops, constant accountability, expert guidance each trading session, and personal performance coaching.

Needless to say, that would be a highly accelerated learning and skill development environment, and it would be difficult not to make some significant improvements that could have a big effect on your bottom line.

While you would still be an independent trader, you would no longer be functioning with the numerous handicaps that independent traders have. Instead, you’d be getting many of the benefits that firm traders get, which greatly increase their odds of success and the speed at which that success can come.

So what exactly is this new bootcamp and how is it structured?

Small Group Mentoring

The bootcamp will have only 12 traders in it (first come, first served), to allow for maximum personal attention to each trader. Just like in a prop firm environment there are usually only a few new hires at any given time, allowing for greater guidance and support to each trader, we’re purposefully keeping the group very small to mirror that kind of personalized attention.

Initial 1-on-1 Strategy Session

Each of the 12 traders will get an initial 1-on-1, Zoom-based strategy session prior to the start of the bootcamp. They will complete an intake form that assesses their strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and goals, and then they will get a 1 hour 1-on-1 meeting where their main issues and goals will be discussed, with a resulting overall strategy for working on overcoming the issues and achieving the goals, both for the 4 weeks of the bootcamp and beyond. 

This is similar to the process any firm trader would partake in. No one is hired in a firm without getting an assessment and overall directional guidance, and so this process will be adopted in our bootcamp. 

Accountability Journal

Each trader will be given a stats and process journal to fill out daily, and any time they fill out the journal it will automatically be shared with their trading coach. This means that they know that whatever trades they take on any particular day will be seen, and there will be continuous assessment regarding whether they are staying aligned with what was discussed in the initial strategy session and what they’re learning in the bootcamp. They will also be required to stick to safe risk parameters, and all this mirrors the kind of accountability firm traders receive.

Live Premarket Prep Work

Firm traders don’t trade in a vacuum. At the beginning of each day they get guidance from senior traders about how the market is setting up and what key trades could take place. This helps them be very prepared and often on the right side of the action, which can make all of the difference. 

In this bootcamp, every single trading day will have a live group, 1-hour premarket session starting at 7:25 am CST, in which trading zones will be built for the ES (along with explanations of why each zone is being placed and how strong it is), and then potential trades will be specifically highlighted based on how the environment is shaping up. This means that there will often be orders placed in the premarket at specific zones, with exact stops and targets, along with the reasons why. This not only allows for accelerated learning, but also for trading alongside a professional trader and making sound trades during the month.

During these sessions (and also during the mid-day review and afternoon prep sessions discussed below) traders will also receive teaching and instruction on the OpenTrader method and setups, which can serve as a refresher and deepen their knowledge of the method in action. And of course, questions can be asked as needed for maximum growth and learning. 

Mid-day Review & Afternoon Prep

At the top trading firms, traders don’t just sit around all day trading non-stop. Instead, they hold mid-day trader meetings to review how the morning session went and strategize for the afternoon session. 

That’s why at 11:30 am CST each day everyone will reconvene in another live broadcast that will review the morning session, discussing the key trades that were available, while also strategizing for the afternoon session based on how the day is shaping up. If there are any clear trades setting up, those will be structured with specific entries, stops and targets.

This mid-day meeting, once again provides expert guidance for the trading day, but now with the added benefit of much more information about how the day is actually playing out, and what adaptation is needed. This is much more beneficial than just having the pre-market plan, which sometimes becomes obsolete based on the intraday price action, thereby giving all traders the best chance for performing well in the afternoon session.

End of Day Performance Coaching

Firm traders have the benefit of getting their trades reviewed at the end of the day, and they also participate in reviews of the trades of other traders on the desk during group meetings, which creates an environment of exponential growth, as everyone is learning from the successes and failures of everyone else.

That’s why at 2:00 pm CST, the group will once again meet online, this time for 1 hour of performance coaching. Each day the journals of 2 of the traders in the group will be spotlighted, and the trades they took (and missed) will be dissected. Each trader getting the performance coaching will be able to get on the mic and explain their trades and ask questions, essentially getting 1-on-1 feedback based on the specific trades they took. This coaching session will not only reference the trades taken on that particular day, but will also tie it back to the trader’s overall strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and goals, and how their trading is addressing those (and how it could have been done better).

Since there are only 12 traders in the bootcamp, and 2 will have a performance coaching session each day, this means that every trader will essentially have 1-on-1 performance coaching each week, while also benefiting tremendously from listening in on the coaching sessions of all the other traders. Exponential group learning is the goal here- once again mirroring the prop firm trading environment.

Ongoing Accountability Groups

Since accountability is possibly the most important x-factor that independent traders are missing, at the end of the bootcamp, traders will have the option of being placed into smaller accountability groups (based on location and timezone). Through these groups they will have shared journals so that they can provide each other with ongoing accountability. 

Since the traders would have gotten to know each other, and each other’s trading quite well during the bootcamp, they can serve as accountability partners, while also providing encouragement and emotional support to each other in an ongoing way. This serves to relieve some of the isolation and loneliness that independent traders face, while providing the invaluable service of ongoing accountability to someone other than just yourself.

We’ve already held five bootcamps, and here is what traders are saying about it:

I’ve experienced Improvement to all aspects of my trading. Market prep has become a lot more consistent and insightful. Execution is now more precise, and I’m able to discern between A+ trades and everything else. Overall super happy. Excellent across everything. Radovan is the real deal. Super knowledgeable, friendly, patient, humble, and very very passionate about what he does and about teaching others in the nicest way possible. I would rate this bootcamp 10 out of 10. You know what, make that 20 out of 10. The value outweighs the cost in every possible way.

-Yair Erez

This Bootcamp is the bridge between the OpenTrader methodology and execution. From premarket prep, to execution plan, to midday feedback, to recap session, Radovan allowed us into the step by step thought process of a professional day trader. All questions were answered with great patience and thorough explanation. I cannot think of a better way to accelerate the learning curve on the journey to becoming a consistently profitable trader!

– O.S.

The bootcamp is amazing. Absolutely necessary.

– Araz Inguilizian

Aside from yourselves, you could not have selected a more passionate, knowledgeable, harder working person to run this camp. Radovan is a true find and a great asset to OpenTrader. I would highly recommend this camp.

-Don Glaser

My market reading skills and contextual thinking have improved dramatically. I am much more at peace with the market and my routine.

-Richard Harold Tanner

I would consider Radovan an absolute professional. His A+ set up idea is an absolute gem. I still need lots of practice but I will not give up until I am thorough like him. I highly recommend this bootcamp to other traders, and I think what you get outweighs the cost.

– Sudhir Patel

I know I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but Radovan is totally rocking it!

This bootcamp is delivering even better than hoped for. For anyone serious about trading, with even a modest account, the cost should be recouped in short order. Somehow when I saw this, in spite of the cost, something told me I’d regret not stepping up, and would have been kicking myself if the slots were filled. I’m glad I did, still have work to do, but I would recommend it without any hesitation.Your methods work like few others, and Radovan is an amazing disciple, and mentor in his own right.

-John Reed

I have already signed up for the next Bootcamp.

– Ben Stern

Joining the 4-Week Bootcamp

By this time you might be quite excited by the prospect of participating in such a bootcamp and discovering how it could completely transform your trading. 

At the same time, you might be wondering if the price is so lofty that it will be out of reach for you.

The reality is that if we (Awais and Ziad) were to run something like this ourselves, the price would indeed be out of reach for the vast majority of traders, as we would be charging at least $25,000 for it (and the value would be well worth it for the participants given what it could do for their trading in such a short period of time).

But given our hectic schedules we don’t have the time to run such a bootcamp. While some may be disappointed by this, it’s actually a good thing because it means that the price can be much more accessible for most.

Having said that, who’s running it and providing all of the expert analysis, guidance, feedback, accountability, and performance coaching? If you know us, you know that we definitely would not trust just anyone to do this. In fact, the list of those we would trust to do it is very small.

That’s why we’ve chosen one of our very own star students to run the bootcamp. If you’ve been attending the OpenTrader weekly coaching calls, you’ll know this star student to be Radovan. We think so highly of his market knowledge and trading that we’ve picked him to be the replacement for us in the weekly coaching calls. He knows our method inside out, and has proven himself to be proficient (and at times even exceptional) at trading it.

He has been trading for many years, and literally lives and breathes the markets and trading.

That’s why we feel so comfortable putting our name behind him, and why we think he would be an excellent leader and coach of this bootcamp.

And the best part? 

Running the bootcamp through this star student allows us to provide it at a MUCH more affordable price of only…


You read that correctly. You won’t have to pay $25,000 to participate in this intensive prop-firm style bootcamp. Instead you’ll only need to pay a mere fraction of that- 80% lower to be exact.

But the proper term we should be using is invest instead of ‘pay’, because this is not a cost when looked at properly, but an investment. 

Put simply, even if you trade small size and risk only a few hundred dollars a trade, just a few R improvement during the 4 weeks could pay for most or even all of the cost. 

If you happen to trade bigger size, the smallest of improvements could recoup the investment and provide a healthy return, even in just 4 weeks. Indeed, when we ran the 1-on-1 mentorships, there was a trader who recouped the entire $25,000 price within the same month while starting with only a $5,000 account. Another trader who traded a larger account actually made over $500,000 in that single month. 

That’s the power of rapid feedback, expert guidance, performance coaching, and accountability- the true X-factors.

And given that specific trades with exact entries, stops and targets will be set up in the pre-market and mid-day (depending on context), that greatly increases the odds that the investment can easily pay for itself.

And that doesn’t even account for long-term improvement. The entire investment could potentially be made back during the 4-weeks, but if there’s true foundational improvement in market reading, trade execution and psychology (which is the whole goal of the bootcamp), then these improvements could pay dividends month after month, making back the investment many times over, and ideally changing the trajectory of your entire trading career.

That’s our goal with this bootcamp, and we’ve placed you in the hands of someone we feel is our most passionate and dedicated student of all. Someone who we’ve entrusted to take over the weekly coaching calls- which we’ve never felt comfortable giving to anyone else before.

So ask yourself what your true goals are and what you’re willing to do to achieve them. 

If you’re tired of continually falling short of your potential… if you’re exhausted of trying so hard but not making it… if you’re sick of botching up execution… if you’re at a loss as to why you haven’t broken through and achieved your trading goals yet, then you owe it to yourself to explore something different. Something that provides the X-factor you’ve been missing so far. 

There’s no guarantee that this will finally do it- indeed there’s never a guarantee of that- but what if it does end up being the changing point? What if- at worst- it ends up being what was needed to make even small, but key, improvements that compound over time to provide the consistency that you’re after? 

Again, nothing is guaranteed. But ask yourself: what will my trading look like in a few months if I do this, and what will it look like if I don’t? Which provides better odds of significant change occurring? And am I willing to forgo those odds and keep the status quo that always makes me feel like trading success is just around the corner and yet it never seems to arrive?

Only you can answer these questions. Only you know how bad you want it and what you’re willing to do. But don’t take too much time to do so. Because as mentioned, we’re only accepting 12 traders. And we genuinely don’t know when we’ll run it again.

The bootcamp will run from January 22nd to February 16th 2024. 

So dig into your heart and soul, decide what’s right for you, and if it’s this, then sign up now to secure your spot before it’s too late.

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