You Too Can Now Trade Like a Seasoned Market Master

You Too Can Now Trade Like a Seasoned Market Master (Quicker than ever before)

NOTE: read every word that follows as if your trading life depends on it. What is described below is a truly unique and revolutionary new system that does the impossible by taking my highly sophisticated contextual method and turning it into a highly structured rule-based system. And as you’re about to see, the new online portal we’ve built might mean that you’re only 20 hours away from trading like a seasoned market master.

Welcome To a New Trading World

What if I told you that with just 20 hours of focused instruction, you could be trading in a similar way as me? Would that seem totally unbelievable or impossible to you?

Well, if you would have asked me this question a couple of years ago, I would have said that it’s impossible. After all, it took me years to get my skill to the level that it’s at now. So it would be very logical to assume that my process and results could not be replicated in an impossibly short period of time such as 20 hours of instruction.

Well, the impossible has just become possible.

For the last several years now, behind the scenes, I’ve been secretly obsessed with an idea. An idea that most people would tell you is impossible. An idea that I, myself, thought might be impossible. But the challenge of achieving it inspired me. It caused me to pour my time and energy into it, and work relentlessly side-by-side with another world-class trader to develop and fine-tune it.

And what was this impossible idea?

Nothing less than to create a new hybrid style of trading. One that combines the best of two worlds: the highly contextual and abstract world of intuitive discretionary trading, with the highly structured and rule-based world of systems trading. This, I believed, would create a truly revolutionary trading methodology that would be rule-based and yet retain the analytical sophistication needed to profit from ever-changing real-world markets.

And that’s where this new system breaks away from virtually anything else in the retail trading industry. Nearly everything you see being taught out there that claims to be rule-based is in reality overly simplistic and mechanical, and takes very little market context into account (which is the true holy grail). And so it ends up making bold promises but failing miserably.

But what if that easy to follow rule-based system had highly sophisticated contextual analysis built right into its rules?

That, quite simply, would be a game changer. It would mean that it would be relatively quick to learn and simple enough to follow, and yet it would have a real-world edge that puts it head and shoulders above all other systems and methods. And for the trader using this system, mastery level trading process would suddenly be within reach in a relatively short period of time.

And I’m very excited to say that I’ve finally achieved exactly that. I’ve been working on this revolutionary new system behind the scenes for several years now, and both my trading partner (Ziad Masri) and I have been fine-tuning it while teaching it to numerous traders through an intensive 1-on-1 Mentorship process. We’ve had a chance to track the progress of these traders from anywhere between 2 months to a full year. And what the results suggest is that mastery level trading process can indeed be achieved in a much shorter time period than was previously believed possible.

Of course this changes the whole game for you as a trader. If you’ve held the belief that you have to struggle for years to become a profitable trader, you’ve now just walked into a new trading world where that belief is shattered and a whole new reality has opened up to you.

And what’s the best part of it all? You don’t have to be fortunate enough to be chosen for a highly selective 1-on-1 Mentorship with a very high entry price to have the chance of undergoing such an extremely rapid trading transformation.

That’s because we’ve now recorded the entire Mentorship experience that we’ve been using so far to teach the new system, and I’m making it available to EminiPlayer members through a new advanced training portal. For anyone who wants to finally have the chance of breaking through to the exclusive group of profitable traders- or wants to take their already profitable trading to a truly elite level- this is an unprecedented opportunity.

Our Rule-Based Trading System Is Producing Elite Trading Results at Far Above Industry Averages

Some industry studies of retail traders have shown that only about 1% of traders achieve truly elite results. We now have enough data to suggest with a high degree of confidence that our new rule-based discretionary trading system is producing elite results at a far higher rate than that.

But before I explore the incredible stats, the key word to focus on here is “rule-based” system. Because that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Through several 1-on-1 mentorships and a process of continuous feedback from students, we have gradually fine-tuned what we teach to arrive at a highly structured discretionary, but rule-based system that virtually anyone can learn- without needing to go through a personal 1-on-1 Mentorship themselves.

You see, that has always been my ultimate goal. I know Ziad and I can only teach a very limited number of traders in a 1-on-1 format. But I want to offer all of the new knowledge we’ve gained equally to everyone. To do that, however, we first had to fine-tune it to a point where it could stand on its own and not require the student to necessarily take part in a 1-on-1 format.

Now that this fine-tuning is complete, you have the next best thing to actually being in a 1-on-1 mentorship with one of us- you can watch over the shoulder of someone who’s gone through it.

We’ve recorded the entire Mentorship experience, day by day, over 20 hours of instruction, and by watching it through the eyes of someone who’s gone through it, you will learn the entire new system that has led to the incredible results.

And what were those incredible results?

Well, it’s common industry talk that approximately 5% to 10% of independent traders become profitable. And like I mentioned above, only 1% or so become elite.

This new discretionary rule-based system is shattering those results.

With numerous traders that have now gone through the Mentorship to learn the system, the results they’ve sent us show that over 50% become consistently profitable and 50% of those achieve truly elite, world-class results over the tracking period that ranges between 2 months to a full year.

And what do I mean when I say truly elite results?

First let me start with the averages and then get to the elite.

Diving Into the Phenomenal Results

You might be asking yourself, sure students can do great while they’re being mentored 1-on-1, but how do they perform afterwards on their own? This, you may be concluding, is more indicative of how someone being completely on their own watching the Mentorship experience through an online portal would be likely to perform.

Well, out of all the traders who we have tracked over a multiple-month period (anywhere between 2 to 12 months), trading the system in a variety of extremely different and varying market conditions, we have found that a very impressive 50% of them are consistently profitable trading on their own in the months after the Mentorship (which actually represents a small increase from the number who were profitable within the Mentorship) and they are averaging an extremely solid return of 22 Risk Units (22R) per month normalized (some are trading part-time and thus the normalization takes into account the limited number of days traded and adjusts for it to come up with the return that would likely be achieved in full-time trading).

To understand just what a return of 22 R per month means and what it can do for your account, let me first explain to you what a Risk Unit (R) is. Basically, if you risk a fixed % of your account on every trade, this is your Risk Unit (R). So if you risk a relatively conservative 1.5% of your account on each trade, and your trading account is $10,000, your Risk Unit (R) would be $150. If you risk 1.5% per trade on a $50,000 account, your R would be $750 per trade.

Now here is where it gets interesting. If you are averaging a profit of 22 R per month, with your R being 1.5% of your account per trade, and you compound this return on a monthly basis for a year by not withdrawing your profits, you would multiply your account by 30.6 times. This means that a $10,000 account would become $306,000 and a $50,000 account would become $1,530,000.

This is not theory. It’s simple math. To check the numbers simply compound a 33% return per month (22R x 1.5% risk per R) 12 times. That’s 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 x 1.33 = 30.6.

The actual return would likely be even higher because you can compound on a daily basis instead of just a monthly basis, but I’ll stick with the more conservative estimates to keep things simple.

And the important thing to understand from this is that not only is this not theory, but it’s actually being achieved now by some of these traders. They are trading the system completely on their own and achieving a daily “R” average that puts their returns at an effective normalized rate of 22 R per month. And again, this is being sustained over periods of multiple months of highly varying market conditions.

To get into more detail, here are some specific results of individual traders:

  • Stephan B: +95 R in 48 trading days
  • Dan Z: +138 R in 104 trading days
  • Nick T: +110 R in 106 trading days

Nick actually started with a very small $9,000 account and took that to over $17,000 during the first month alone, and he continued his stellar performance over the period that we tracked him.

These are just a few of the elite results- but they’re not even the top ones that we’ve more recently seen during the 1-month Mentorship that we’ve been using to teach the system so far. Take a look at these results (all achieved in 4 trading weeks):

  • Mark D: +45 R
  • Brandon L: +66 R
  • Karen S: +101 R
  • Henry P: +147R

The last name there, Henry P, is a 61 year old retiree originally from India who is an EminiPlayer member. When he was selected for the 1-on-1 Mentorship, he didn’t believe he could achieve such a feat. To be honest, neither did I. It actually tops anything that either me or Ziad have achieved in a single month. And it was done with extremely controlled risk and correct trading process as dictated by the rules of the system. Henry just executed it flawlessly. And he ended up taking his tiny $5,000 account to over $35,000 in a single month. That’s a 600% return in one month.

Karen, another EminiPlayer member, was one of the few traders that already had a 6-figure account when she learned our new system. She ended up netting mid 6-figures in real profits during the Mentorship month alone.

Listen to what she had to say below:

And finally there’s Trader X. This trader wanted her name kept anonymous, but she was willing to share 20 months of real brokerage statements proving that she had made over $1.1 Million applying this system to a swing trading timeframe. So for any trader who either doesn’t have the time to day trade, or would simply like to augment their day trading income with a longer-term style, you can easily adapt the strategies and processes to a higher timeframe just like this trader did. She’s proven that this system is more robust and adaptable than we ever imagined. You can click here to see her real brokerage statements and her progression to $1.1 million in net swing trading profits (it will open in a new window so you won’t lose this page).

And to repeat the most important stat of all, literally half of the people that became profitable have achieved these types of elite results in relatively short periods of time. That’s truly unprecedented.

Of course, having said all that, we must be clear that these results are not typical. Like I mentioned, around 50% of the people I mentored on this system achieved profitable results during the tracking period, and 50% of those achieved these elite results we’re discussing. This means that half the people were not able to make money, and of course there’s no guarantee which group you’ll end up in. Only YOU can determine that. Unlike most trading educators, I’ll be completely honest and we won’t pretend that everyone makes it. Afterall, this is trading, and while the system I’ve built is incredible, it’s not a magic pill or get rich quick scheme. You know me enough by now to know that I don’t advocate any of that stuff, and I never sugar coat how difficult trading is. But, I am very happy that I’ve been able to build something that significantly increases the odds of trading success, and which has been shown to produce some truly stellar results from numerous independent traders, most of whom were previously consistently losing money. And that’s HUGE.

But before I talk about the true significance of that, let’s talk about what the system actually is and how all these unheard of results are being achieved.

The System

You’re surely wondering by now what is this new system and what makes it so powerful to produce such unprecedented results.

Well, to put it in a nutshell, what we’ve have been able to do is to actually translate much of how we see the market and how we execute trades in real-time into a set of structured rules. When a discretionary trader learns and follows these rules, they end up using similar thinking and behavior patterns as we do, and it is those patterns that dictate how they end up reading the market and executing their trades.

This is really what it comes down to. It’s the secret to all the results in such a short period of time. We’ve essentially figured out how to bypass years of practice and experience by taking our own years of experience and distilling them into concrete rules that have contextual thinking and correct execution infused into their very structure.That’s how someone with relatively limited experience and skill can replicate our trading on their own so quickly.

Now let’s break it down and highlight the different parts of the overall system…

  1. The Execution Matrix

No matter how well you can read the market overall, your trading will not produce profitable results if you don’t know how to execute properly in real-time.

That’s why we took all of our years of combined execution experience and created a powerful Matrix that can guide your real-time trading decisions.

What it is:

A quality rating system that allows you to give each of your trades a quality score based on a combination of 4 key execution factors.

What it does for you:

  • Tells you when to skip a trade that has low odds of working / negative expectancy even if you feel it’s a great trade.
  • Tells you when to take a trade that has high odds of working / positive expectancy even if you feel scared to take it.
  • In brief, it helps you know which are the bad trades and to avoid them, while knowing which are the good trades and forcing you to take them.
  1. The Setups Playbook: 5 Rule-based Setups

One of the biggest reasons for inconsistency I’ve seen with my members is the lack of consistency in taking defined setups. Essentially, traders often “create” non-existent setups on the fly to get into the market because of their emotions. They also use correct setups at the incorrect time or in the wrong context. This results in inconsistency and nothing but losses in the long run.

That’s why we reverse engineered all of our most common and best trades and created 5 powerful rule-based setups.

What it is:

Defined and highly structured / detailed rule-sets for 5 different types of trades.

What it does for you:

  • Tells you what is the ideal volatility/directional market environment for each setup.
  • Gives you the ideal intraday and bigger picture conditions to look for.
  • Tells you which specific conditions should cause you to skip the setup.
  • Gives you specific rules for entry, stop, target, and stop management.
  • Allows for maximum consistency and structure in your trading.
  1. The Olympic Mental Execution System

All the defined setups and execution rules in the world are useless if you can’t think consistently at the time of entry and exit. If your emotions cloud your thinking, consistency becomes impossible and your edge is ruined. Consistent thinking is what produces consistent results.

That’s why we worked with one of the greatest Olympic athletes and coaches in history, someone who has held world records and an Olympic Gold medal in his sport, and coached more Olympic Gold medalists than possibly anyone else in history. He had created a mental execution system for athletes that allows them to execute as flawlessly as possible in the heat of competition, and we wanted to transfer that mental system to trading. Together, we did just that.

What it is:

A structured mental system of thought patterns for each phase of trading activity: pre-trade, moment of execution, and post-trade.

What it does for you:

  • Replaces your emotional decision making and flawed thinking habits with highly structured thought patterns of elite traders.
  • Allows you to execute decisively in the moment without back and forth indecisive thinking.
  1. The Probability Calculation Scale

The human brain was not built to naturally think in probabilities. That’s why most traders find it so difficult to consistently think in probabilities. And that’s why we created this new mental tool.

What it is:

A simple but very powerful mental tool that allows for the rapid approximation of probabilities in a visual way.

What it does for you:

  • Allows you to visually depict the odds or probabilities of a trade working in a way that makes quick and easy sense to your brain.
  • Gives you the ability to consistently and systematically factor probabilities into your entry and exit decisions.
  1. The Intermarket Triggers

If you trade an equity index (such as the S&P, Nasdaq, Russell or Dow), using the other market indices can provide a huge edge in your trading, and I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about these other markets in some of the Recap Videos. But the other markets will help only if they are used correctly. Using them incorrectly doesn’t just cause under-performance; it causes catastrophic results. That’s why we created a new specific set of rules around how to use the other markets in the correct way.

What it is:

A set of rules around the use of the other market indices to trigger entries or exits in your market.

What it does for you:

  • Helps you avoid numerous mistakes of intermarket analysis that are toxic to your trading.
  • Gives you 4 specific rules to enter trades based on signals from the other indices.
  • Gives you 2 specific rules of how to exit trades based on signals from the other indices.
  1. The Internals Shortcut System

As well as I’ve tried to explain how to read the internals in my morning and recap videos, it’s the one area traders still struggle with the most. The 2 main problems are either a complete misread coming from a lack of true understanding, or an over-reading and overweighing of the internals. To solve this problem, we created a shortcut system of interpreting the internals quickly and effectively.

What it is:

A simple rule set of 3 shortcuts of how to read the NYSE TICK and 3 shortcuts of how to read the Advance/Decline line correctly and effectively.

What it does for you:

  • Allows you to correctly read the internals very quickly at a glance.
  • Allows you to expand your intraday trading edge and stay on the right side of the market throughout the day.
  1. The Time-frame Diagnostics System

Reading the timeframes is a major part of contextual analysis that I do daily. The difficulty with it is that there are a multitude of timeframes a trader can look at, and it is often unclear which higher timeframe is most relevant to you as a day trader.

That’s why we’ve built a rule-based diagnostics system for performing timeframe analysis in the most correct and efficient way possible.

What it is:

A set of structured rules for diagnosing the true state of market control from the higher timeframes that is most relevant on any given day.

What it does for you:

  • Allows you to know which timeframe(s) are currently controlling the market and how that should affect your trading.
  • Tells you how much control any given timeframe has and what that means for your entries and exits.
  • Gives you a much clearer and consistent understanding of overall market context.
  1. The Pre-market Flowchart

Market prep work is possibly the most important part of any trader’s system, and you see how carefully and seriously I take this work in my morning Trade Plans. That’s why we’ve created a new step-by-step process of how to create an adaptive and advanced trade plan for each trading day, no matter which market you trade.

What it is:

A highly structured 4 step process of pre-market technical preparation and trade plan work.

What it does for you:

  • Gets you prepared for the trading day in the best and most efficient manner possible.
  • Allows you to have trades planned before the market even opens.
  • Gives you a flexible and efficient game plan based on various high odds and low odds scenarios playing out.
  • Allows you to understand my trading plan much more deeply and effectively, so you know when to stick with it and when to adapt to new market conditions that arise intraday.
  1. The Automatic Orders System

You may not realize this, but many days require literally zero intraday market analysis for you to get into the best trade setups. That’s because you can have resting orders already set at certain zones before the market even opens. You’ve heard me talk about having orders in the book before, but now you’ll have a complete new system to know exactly how and when to place those orders.

What it is:

A system of 5 rules for when and which zones to place orders at before the market open, and under which conditions to keep or cancel them once the trading day begins.

What it does for you:

  • Gets you into scary looking (but excellent/high-expectancy) trades that you would usually never take during the live trading day.
  • Removes the stress of intraday real-time market analysis from many trading days.
  • Helps you avoid getting trapped by the sharp short-term movements that are often fakeouts by knowing which direction and location the true highest probability trades lie in.

You Don’t Need Years of Experience to Trade With the Structured Process of A Market Master

Should I take this trade? Ummm… I don’t know. Seems like a good spot to take it. Things look strong. But wait the AD line is diverging. Hmmm. I should just take it anyways, I think I have great reward to risk. But the TICK should be a little stronger. I don’t know. Can I afford another loss? Last time I took a trade like this I lost. I should do it though. This one seems good. Oh man I’m gonna regret it if I don’t. But I’ll hate myself if I take another loss. I should just click the mouse. But I’m scared it’ll end up being yet another mistake. I can’t seem to make one good decision lately! Ahhh I can’t take it anymore! Okay I’m in. Aaanndd… another loss.

Does this sequence of thinking sound familiar to you? Almost every trader I know, including myself in the earlier stages of my career, would constantly go back and forth like this and obsess over whether to take a trade or not. And most of the time you either end up with a loss or end up missing a good trade because of all the indecision.

But what if you had the system described above? What if you already had certain orders set up at certain zones before the market opened, and what if you had highly defined setups to look for after the open, and a tool for gauging the probabilities of any given trade, and a rating system that told you which trades to take and which ones to skip, and a mental system that told you what to think and how to think it at the exact right moment to override all the back and forth decision making and second guessing? How would your results be then??

The answer is obvious. If you had all of that guiding you in a clear way, then you’d have a much greater chance of actually producing the same type of results that a great trader with years of experience would. That’s because the majority of that trader’s experience and intuitive processes would be captured and translated through the structured rules of the advanced system you’re following.

And that’s why so many EminiPlayer members who we’ve already taught this system to have been able to produce such unheard of results in such a short period of time. They’re essentially trading by modeling our behavior patterns. And the ones that are trusting the process and allowing it to happen are achieving phenomenal results. By contrast, the ones that resist and want to over-analyze and over-complicate things and not follow the system remain with the results they’ve generally always had.

But the choice is yours. With this highly structured system you don’t need years of experience to trade like a market master.

Inside Our Minds:
Everything you’ve ever wondered about is answered

Apart from the highly structured system itself, the unique format in which it’s taught offers you a much more accelerated learning environment than a normal format.

That’s because the way you’ll be learning is by watching a two-way interaction between our Mentorship students and us. That means listening in on questions and back and forth discussion from the point of view of someone who’s at a similar level as you in their trading. Other than learning the entire system in detail here is what you can expect:

  • See the system in action by watching us dissect what a student did right and wrong via daily trade analysis of the student’s implementation of the system.
  • See how we put the system into action by hearing detailed explanations about our own entries and exits.
  • Immerse yourself in the process and get instant feedback by following along and participating alongside the student in case studies of trading days where real-time trading decisions are simulated.
  • Immerse yourself in the process and get instant feedback by following along and participating alongside the student in daily pre-market prep work, zone building, and trade plan creation.
  • Get our highly effective journaling tool to keep track of your trades and have a structure to gauge your progress and measure improvement.
  • Take your S/R Zone creating abilities to a whole new level by learning it in much more exacting detail through various case studies and more structured rules.

We’ve never allowed anyone such intimate access like this before. But that’s exactly what you’ll be getting to accelerate all of your learning and closely match the 1-on-1 Mentorship experience.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime?

If there was ever an “opportunity of a lifetime” when it comes to your trading, I’d suggest that this is it.

That’s because not only have I personally seen the kind of results it’s producing, but I’ve been through the incredible struggle of the trading journey myself, and the road can be very long, very winding, and very difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be. Because we’ve just redefined things.

That was always mine and Ziad’s goal when we first entered the trading education space. We wanted to literally revolutionize it. Our first step was to create the OpenTrader portal, which served as a comprehensive online university taught by real traders. But now we’re taking it to a whole new level by producing profitable and elite traders through a revolutionary new system taught in a unique format that results in success rates that I previously thought were impossible.

So just how valuable is all this?

Well, the traders who have gone through the 1-on-1 Mentorship to learn the system each paid $25,000. And every single one of these traders told us that it was the best investment they’ve ever made- by far.

This is what Neil, a previously struggling trader, had to say:

As you heard, Neil made 64R in a single month, which, even while not utilizing full position sizing equated to tens of thousands of dollars (it would have been $500,000 at normal 1.5% position sizing per trade). And, as he mentions, he was still able to profit nicely in the latter part of the month despite the lower volatility. So the opportunity to make money consistently is present in virtually every type of market condition with this revolutionary system. And that’s why every student who paid $25,000 to learn it felt it was the best investment they’ve ever made.

But the good thing is that you don’t have to pay $25,000 to learn it. And you don’t even have to pay $20,000. Or $15,000.

That’s because we’ve decided to price the entire new portal (which includes an entire Mentorship plus several bonus videos from other mentorships) for half of what those who participated in the 1-on-1 Mentorship paid. This means that it’s only $12,500.


For this special launch occasion, I’ve decided to give a huge discount of $5,000 to my EminiPlayer members, making the price only $7,500.

That’s a full 40% off the regular price and 70% off the original mentorship price!

BUT, I’m only making this extended discount available until this Tuesday.

However there’s more I want to offer my members on this special occasion. I want to include what I feel to be a truly priceless bonus. In fact, if we were to assign a value to it, we’d say that it’s easily worth more than the entire price of the program.

BONUS: The Super Performance Transformational System

After years of research into (and much personal experience in) the ways the world’s top performers and multi-millionaires use their minds, we have distilled everything down into a structured daily system of super performance.

Each trader that participated in the 1-on-1 Mentorship went through the transformational system and it has literally changed lives.

The super-performance system is detailed in an intensive 46 page workbook that will take you on the journey of your life and change you for the better in incredible ways. It works on your subconscious mind and allows you to quickly:

  • Greatly increase the odds of success in trading
  • Have the potential to earn more money with much less effort
  • Become super productive
  • Need less sleep
  • Become healthier
  • Have better intimate relationships
  • Achieve your biggest goals and dreams faster than you thought possible

My trading partner, Ziad, can personally attest to it because when he was first experimenting with putting this system together years ago, he literally tripled his income in a matter of 3 weeks! Of course I’m not saying that anyone will necessarily experience this kind of massive result or anything comparable to it, but real magic can happen when you do such transformative inner work.

And that’s why I want to include it as a bonus for those who are excited to take their trading to the next level. This incredible bonus, like the $5,000 discount, will only be available until Tuesday..

But there’s more…

The original training portal we built is still considered by many to be the best explanation of the trading process anywhere in the industry. It’s a portal that is composed of 58 training videos along with 61 practice drills that teach you how to read the market like a pro. In fact the new rule-based system I’ve been telling you about is built around the method taught in this original portal. The price of access to the portal is normally $6,000, but as part of this special launch you’ll be getting Unlimited LIFETIME access to it for FREE.

That’s because I want you to have the best and deepest understanding of my method to go along with the exact structured rules you’ll be learning from the new Mentorship portal. Together, they are like a Masters program in trading from an Ivy League university.

New Exclusive Bonus: Workshop with Awais

There is so much opportunity in the markets right now and we don’t see the volatility dying down any time soon. As a special bonus, anyone who enrolls in the Mentorship Program by this Tuesday, will receive access to the video recording of an exclusive Workshop with me in which I taught the detailed process I use every morning to create the Support/Resistance Zones and Trade Plan on EminiPlayer. As an EminiPlayer member, you KNOW first-hand how accurate the daily Zones and Trade Plan are. This workshop will provide a behind-the-scenes look into the exact process I use every morning, which isn’t taught in this kind of detail directly by me anywhere else. Once you learn these unique insights, your entire perspective of how to plan for the day and how to read the market in real-time will take a huge leap forward. If you’ve ever wondered what the “secret sauce” is to the daily consistency you see on EminiPlayer, this may be your only chance to find out.

Redefine Your Future

The power to change your future is completely in your hands right now. There are traders who wanted to learn this system so badly that they literally took $25,000 out of their trading account and left only $10,000 to trade with. And that’s because they knew how rapidly they could potentially make that money back up. So the monetary investment was a calculated risk/reward decision that made all the sense in the world. And for many of these traders, it was the best decision of their lives.

But for you now, it’s a much easier decision. Because instead of $25,000, the monetary investment is only 30% of that, at $7,500.

Now if someone told you that there’s a new business venture that has the very real potential to make you hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions of dollars over the next few years- even if you start with a relatively small capital base- and that the odds of it succeeding and even becoming a true home run business with super growth is multiples that of other businesses (because it is a franchise operation that had already proven its success in other locations), how much would you be willing to pay to buy into that franchise? Seriously think about that. $25,000? $50,000? $100,000? More?

Most successful franchises sell for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars because of their proven and established success and the much lower odds of failure. And most people, if they were given an option to buy a successful franchise operation for an amount of money they already possess, would put a substantial amount of their savings into the business. With risk minimized and the potential returns so large, it’s a wise investment.

But what if you were given a comparable type of opportunity, but the required investment was only $7,500? Would it really require much thought from you? Would you sit there on the fence and wonder if you can afford it, or would you simply look at the potential reward and the much higher odds of success than usual and realize that you can’t afford to miss such an opportunity because it rarely comes around twice in a lifetime?

Vividly put yourself in this situation. Stop reading for a moment and imagine someone actually came to you with such a business opportunity. And then imagine finding out that it costs only $7,500 to make this business your own with the potential to make many multiples of that small investment with much higher odds of success than usual.

Would you really hesitate much?

Are You Really a Trader?

Sometimes this is the question that I’m thinking as I’m talking to an aspiring independent trader. Are you really a trader?

Because even though they say they are, and they say they are so passionate about it, their beliefs and actions prove otherwise.

For instance, any real trader wouldn’t hesitate for a second if given a high reward-to-risk trade with a much higher than normal chance of success. And yet when many aspiring traders see a similar trade, they fail to look at it in the proper probabilistic / reward-to-risk terms. They think only of the potential loss and miss the opportunity.

The exact same principle is at play when struggling traders fail to take advantage of an opportunity for training that can greatly improve their trading. They focus solely on the cost and they wrongly assume that they can’t afford it because it “sounds” like a lot of money in terms of regular life or because they have a small trading account and don’t want to make it smaller.

But think about this: Why are you thinking of it as a “cost” in terms of regular life when it is actually an investment that has the potential to multiply itself many times over? And what good is a trading account if you don’t have the skill to grow it anyways? Isn’t it better to have a smaller account that you can grow very rapidly?

And that points to another difference between many aspiring traders and profitable traders. They think short-term instead of long term- again both in their trading and overall decision making. Thinking of just the cost and not wanting to have a smaller trading account is faulty short-term thinking. Correct long-term thinking would point to the fact that a smaller trading account is a much better option if it’s coupled with an ability for very rapid growth.

And that’s not to mention the fact that most people can readily afford an investment of less than $10,000. Most wouldn’t even have to take it out of their trading account because they have savings, and they can easily be replenished through the income they’re still making aside from trading.

And yet despite all of this, some people still hesitate to invest in themselves. They claim that they are traders, but they don’t act like traders who pounce on high odds / high reward-to-risk opportunities. They claim to be passionate about trading and that they want to succeed badly but they somehow quickly and easily convince themselves that they can’t afford great training; that it’s too much money. And these are the exact same people that would usually not hesitate even a second to invest in an amazing proven business venture with a tiny investment of $7,500.

The contradictions are very apparent to me, and that’s why I ask you, are you really a trader? Because if you are, you already know the only choice that makes sense here. And I greatly desire for you to make that choice because I KNOW all it can do for you. I’ve seen it with many others like you already. And if they did it, why can’t you?


There is good news for you if you choose to be a real trader and invest in the highest level of training for yourself despite having a small trading account: You could earn the opportunity to get funded by us.

To state it simply, we have so much confidence in this system that we will personally offer funding to anyone who sticks to its rules and shows just a few months of consistently profitable trading with it. We don’t need years of a profitable track record like most investors require, because we know ourselves how well it works. So for anyone who shows that they can apply it with discipline and produce consistent results month over month for a few short months, we will look to fund that trader with serious money, allowing them to partake in the profits while we take on all the financial risk. There’s nothing in the trading world we believe in more than this system, and we are more than willing to put our money where our mouth is.

If lack of account size is your main issue, the potential for serious funding directly by us could be the biggest game changer of all. Not only could you get funded with a large (potentially 6-figure) account and get a share of the profits without any extra risk, but you get to continue to trade your own account alongside it and keep 100% of your own profits. And this all happens seamlessly on the back-end without any extra work or extra placing of orders on your side. Just one click per trade like you do now, except that you benefit from trading more money without additional risk to you.

Last but certainly not least, anyone that we fund gets 1-on-1 mentoring and guidance from us on a continual basis at no cost, because we then have a direct vested interest in helping them become truly elite and world class. And the value of such mentoring and guidance is potentially limitless.

And it all starts with deciding to invest in your trading career. Whether you’re interested in getting funded or not, I feel that there’s rarely been a better investment in the trading world than this system. It has the very real potential of multiplying the investment in it many times over.

So don’t delay your goals of becoming a profitable and eventually elite trader any longer. Don’t make the road any longer and harder than it has to be. Don’t look back with regret at all the time and money wasted when you could have had the best opportunity ever handed to you to make it in the markets. Do yourself, and your family, and all those who have ever been affected by your trading journey, the biggest favor you can do them.

Be a real trader, now.

All the best,



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a mechanical computer-based system?
No. This is a rule-based system that allows you to trade my highly sophisticated discretionary methodology in a much more structured manner which then allows you to replicate my trading process. It not only guides you in knowing which Zones to place your trades at, but also how to adapt in real-time during the day if market conditions change, and how to take advantage of many other opportunities which are not at the Zones.

Is this system only for E-mini S&P trading?
No. These rules can technically be applied to virtually any market. A smaller version of this system was used to trade another market very profitably and make 6-figures from it. Also, one student made $1.1 million (verified by real brokerage statements here) by swing trading it on Bonds and Gold. However, all of the instruction is done via the E-mini S&P.

Is the Tuesday deadline for paying the entire cost of the program?
No. The deadline is only for the $500 deposit which will secure your spot at the discounted price. The remaining $7000 can be paid by wire transfer or credit card within the following week at your convenience. As soon as the full balance has been paid, we will send you all the necessary information to login to the new portal.

Is this purely a day trading system?
No. Although it is taught entirely from the context of day trading and day traders will get the most benefit from it, the same principles and rules can be applied on any timeframe. In fact, one student already proved this out by making $1.1 million (verified by real brokerage statements here) swing trading the system. It will be quite evident for anyone who learns it how they can easily swing trade using some of the basic rule-sets and do extremely well at it.

Is it really possible to be able to trade in a similar way as a seasoned market master after only 20 hours of instruction?
Yes. I’ve seen this firsthand with numerous traders I’ve mentored. It has surprised even me, but it’s real. We’ve essentially figured out how to bypass years of practice and experience by taking our combined years of experience and distilling them into sophisticated rules that have contextual thinking and correct execution infused into their very structure. That’s how someone with relatively limited experience and skill can realistically replicate our trading on their own so quickly.

Are there any specific results that I need to achieve to get funded?
No. Given the continually changing market conditions, there is no fixed criteria for what we view to be adequately profitable trading. Each student will be evaluated on a case by case basis, and their unique style will be taken into account.

How does the funding process work?
The process is simple and seamless. You can continue trading your own account, while on the brokerage back-end, you get linked to a sub-account that we fund for you. So you still place only one trade and trade the way you normally would trade, but you do so with accordingly larger size which gets allocated automatically in proper fashion to each of the accounts. You keep 100% of the profits on your own account, while sharing a certain percentage of the profits (agreed upon beforehand based on how profitable you are) from our sub-account. If you suffer any losses, you would not be responsible for the losses on the sub-account that we fund for you. In this way, you continue trading like you normally do with no extra effort or risk, but you get to share in potentially much larger profits.

How much funding do you provide?
If we choose to fund a student, we will typically start out with a $50,000 account and then scale based on the trader’s performance. Eventually getting funded with several hundred thousand dollars is a possibility that is definitely on the table for students of this system. Since each trader is unique, the starting account size is determined on a case by case basis.

Is there any additional training that I’ll need after completing this program?
No. This is the most advanced training program we offer and there’s nothing left for us to teach beyond what is taught in this advanced mentorship program. This is like a Ph.D program for our trading methodology.


FTC Disclaimer:
The results mentioned on this page have not officially been audited and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. It is possible that a person will not achieve the results described here or any positive results at all. And while the average statistics provided are based on all students who were trading real money accounts, the highlighted results and testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results the program has produced, and should not be taken as the results that every student will get.