Exclusively For OpenTrader Students

Exclusively For OpenTrader Students…

This Is Your Chance To Have Us Personally Transform You Into A Highly Profitable Trader… And then Fund You With Our Own Money

Dear OpenTrader Students,

After months of receiving countless emails from students asking for personal 1-on-1 mentoring, we did something unprecedented back in October of 2014. For the first time ever we opened up the doors to 2 of our students with the goal of personally taking them under our guidance to turn them into elite traders.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal, and it has now spurred us to launch a game-changing initiative within the OpenTrader community.

This is a potentially life-changing opportunity, so please read this page carefully LINE BY LINE and in FULL. Skipping any parts may cause you to miss something crucial and lose your chance at this unique opportunity.

From Losing Trader To World-class Results

When we set out to turn two students into elite traders in October 2014, we knew what we could accomplish by personally mentoring them on a daily basis- but we didn’t know that the transformation could happen so fast.

We knew what we could accomplish because a year before that we did mentor a trader 1-on-1 for a full month.

At that time this OpenTrader student was relatively new to trading, struggling tremendously with contextual market understanding (i.e. how to actually read the market), and was virtually clueless about correct trade execution (confused about where to enter, where to put his stops and when to exit).

Needless to say he was bleeding money and not going anywhere. And knowing that, he decided to do something drastic. He paid us a sizeable amount from his trading account to do an intensive 1-on-1 mentorship (something we had never accepted to do before).

Well, we spoke with him a few months ago and found out that he is now trading a 7-figure account, and generating close to 6-figures every month without even having a losing week.

Needless to say, we were impressed. This trader had gone from a losing amateur to a world-class 6-figure-a-month money-making machine.

But could we replicate his success?

That’s what we set out to find out when we took on the traders in October 2014. Namely, was the massive success of that one student an anomaly (did he have abnormal talent), or could we teach virtually anyone to produce such results?

The answer is now clear as day.

1 Month Can Change EVERYTHING

The first intensive 1-on-1 mentorship we did with the student who now earns 6-figures monthly wasn’t a very structured affair. We simply met with him daily on Skype for an hour after the market close for one month to dissect his trading and break things down for him step-by-step.

But we wanted to see what kind of transformations could be achieved if we were to structure a truly elite training experience. So we set out to revolutionize the way we teach our methodology by creating objective and systematic rules that students can use to learn even quicker, and which can act as highly effective real-time decision support tools for them while they trade.

We also did months of research into the way most multi-millionaires use their mind, and created highly structured and intensive training on that front.

Our goal was to essentially pack so much top level trading and mind training into 1 month, that we would be able to completely transform someone’s trading within that month.

We knew we could take a losing, virtually hopeless trader, and turn him into an elite trader. That much we had already done before. But we didn’t know if we could accomplish such a feat in the short time-span of just 4 weeks. As far as we knew, that had never been accomplished before.

But we knew we had something truly different. We knew that we had what could arguably be called the most effective and profitable day trading methodology in the world, and we knew we had just revolutionized the way we are able to teach it by creating systematic rules that anyone could follow. We also knew that we had created some of the most powerful mind training to go along with it.

So armed with all that, we set out to do the seemingly impossible: To take losing traders that were either new or had been struggling for years, and completely transform them into elite traders within 4 weeks...

The Results Were Nothing Short of Phenomenal

We knew we had something really good. But we didn’t know it was THIS good.

By the time the 4 week mentorship had ended, the traders had already produced an average profit of 41R, while being profitable on 74% of the trading days.

To understand just how good that is, if you were risking a standard 1.5% of equity per trade (which is generally accepted as a relatively safe level by professional traders), and you made a profit of 41R, you would grow your account by 61.5% in only 1 month.

Now the important thing to note here is that these were traders who were consistently losing money just prior to the mentorship, and during the mentorship they had no assistance whatsoever from us during live market hours. We would teach them 1-on-1 via intensive skype sessions outside of market hours, and they would take and implement the newly systemized techniques on their own during the trading day.

And along with the rigorous mind training we had them go through, this led to a complete transformation virtually overnight, and these previously losing traders started having truly explosive results within a matter of days.

Even we were surprised by how quick and dramatic the change was. You wouldn’t expect someone who is brand new, or who has been struggling for years (we had both types of people in this initial mentorship) to be able to have such a dramatic and sudden transformation in their trading results. And yet that’s exactly what happened.

Listen to this short call that we had with one of the initial students (Anthony Noonan) to see what it was like for him and what kind of transformation took place.

As you’ve just read and heard, our ‘experiment’ in the rapid building of elite traders had worked!

Now we wanted to do it again.

We wanted to find people from different backgrounds, of different ages, with different levels of experience- from complete beginner to someone who has been struggling for years- and turn them all into elite day traders in a highly accelerated and rapid timeframe.

So we selected the next traders out of the dozens on the waiting list and did another mentorship.

And the results were replicated.

Traders who had been losing for years suddenly became consistent winners and their results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Here’s a call with the top student (Neil Patel) that will blow anyone away.

You heard right. If this student had started using his chosen position sizing of 2.5% risk per trade at the beginning of the mentorship (this is aggressive but still relatively safe position sizing), he would have made half a million dollars of profits on his $130,000 account in only 1 month. That’s a 380% return. And it’s a return that ranks among the truly elite day traders on a world-class level.

We didn’t allow him to trade his full position size until the last few days of the mentorship because we wanted to drill in correct process instead of worrying about profits early on, but the results were truly noteworthy nonetheless. They are the kind of results that are usually achieved only at the top professional trading firms in the world.

And yet here we are producing them with a home-based trader who was inconsistent and losing money right up until the mentorship.

And while we can’t claim that we will turn every single trader into an elite master (we can’t be sure how dedicated someone truly is and how willing they are to work on any psychological issues they may have), we are now highly confident that if you give us 4 people who are truly serious about their success, we can turn 3 of them into highly profitable traders in a very short period of time (and the fourth will still have a very good chance of becoming profitable).

In an industry where over 90% of traders fail, such results are unheard of.

The Incredible Results Continue

With such transformations being produced in such a short period of time with home-based traders both young and old, new and perpetually struggling, we wanted to keep it going.

Here are some of the stats we’ve now accumulated from 8 traders who took part in the mentorship:

During the initial mentorship month, the average P&L has been over 30R profit with over 70% winning days.

What’s more impressive is how the students have continued to perform completely on their own after the mentorship.

We’ve been tracking their progress after the mentorship has come to an end, and here are some results these traders have produced completely on their own without any follow-up education:

  • Joseph Castiglione: +33.66 R in 1 month. 87% of days profitable.
  • Nick Thompson: +38.70 R in 1 month. 73% of days profitable.
  • Dan Zimmerman: +80.81R in 3 months. 77% of days profitable.

Also, after his stellar and truly world-class month in which he completely turned his trading around, Neil Patel has also kept up excellent performance, accumulating another 67.44R, while having only 1 losing week, making money on 86% of days, and recently having a stretch of 30 consecutive winning days.

And here is the main thing that we’ve noticed about these traders, including Neil: they have nothing special or different than the average person.

They are not geniuses, they don’t have some kind of innate talent (proven by the fact that most of them had been struggling for years), and they don’t share any kind of common special background in education, age, or experience. The only thing they have in common is that they were willing to be taught and ready to commit to working on themselves, and willing to trust and execute the system we taught them. Period. They are no different than the typical person reading this page.

And how good are their average results when taken into true perspective?

Well, if you risked the standard 1.5% of your equity per trade, and if you achieved an average of only 20R per month (significantly less than the 30R that our students have averaged over the mentorship month alone), you would compound a $50,000 account to $1,164,904 in only one year.

This is not theoretical. This is just basic math. And some of these students have already made 6-figures and look to be well on their way to 7-figures.

The System

You’re surely wondering by now what exactly we’re teaching these students to get such unprecedented results in such a short period of time.

Well, to put it in a nutshell, what we’ve been able to do is to actually translate how we see the market and how we execute trades in real-time into a set of structured rules. When a discretionary trader learns and follows these rules, they end up using the same thinking and behavior patterns as we do, and it is those patterns that dictate how they end up reading the market and executing their trades.

This is really what it comes down to. It’s the secret to all the results in such a short period of time. We’ve essentially figured out how to bypass years of practice and experience by taking our own years of experience and distilling them into sophisticated rules that have contextual thinking and correct execution infused into their very structure.That’s how someone with relatively limited experience and skill can replicate our trading methodology on their own so quickly. And this is exactly what the 1-on-1 mentorship is all about and why it has proven to be so transformative.

Now let’s break it down and highlight the different parts of the new rule-based system that traders learn via the mentorship…

  1. The Execution Matrix

No matter how well you can read the market overall, your trading will not produce profitable results if you don’t know how to execute properly in real-time.

That’s why we took all of our years of execution experience and created a powerful Matrix that can guide your real-time trading decisions.

What it is:

A quality rating system that allows you to give each of your trades a quality score based on a combination of 4 key execution factors.

What it does for you:

  • Tells you when to skip a trade that has low odds of working / negative expectancy even if you feel it’s a great trade.
  • Tells you when to take a trade that has high odds of working / positive expectancy even if you feel scared to take it.
  • In brief, it helps you know which are the bad trades and to avoid them, while knowing which are the good trades and forcing you to take them.
  1. The Setups Playbook: 5 Rule-based Setups

One of the biggest reasons for inconsistency we’ve seen with our traders is the lack of consistency in taking defined setups. Essentially, traders often “create” non-existent setups on the fly to get into the market because of their emotions. They also use correct setups at the incorrect time / context. This causes nothing but losses.

That’s why we reverse engineered all of our most common and best trades and created 5 rule-based setups.

What it is:

Defined and highly structured / detailed rule-sets for 5 different types of trades.

What it does for you:

  • Tells you what is the ideal volatility/directional market environment for each setup.
  • Gives you the ideal intraday and bigger picture conditions to look for.
  • Tells you which specific conditions should cause you to skip the setup.
  • Gives you specific rules for entry, stop, target, and stop management.
  • Allows for maximum consistency and structure in your trading.
  1. The Olympic Mental Execution System

All the defined setups and execution rules in the world are useless if you can’t think consistently at the time of entry and exit. If your emotions cloud your thinking, consistency becomes impossible and your edge is ruined. Consistent thinking is what produces consistent results.

That’s why we worked with one of the greatest Olympic athletes and coaches in history, someone who has held world records and an Olympic Gold medal in his sport, and coached more Olympic Gold medalists than possibly anyone else in history. He had created a mental execution system for athletes that allows them to execute as flawlessly as possible in the heat of competition, and we wanted to transfer that mental system to trading. Together, we did just that.

What it is:

A structured mental system of thought patterns for each phase of trading activity: pre-trade, moment of execution, and post-trade.

What it does for you:

  • Replaces your emotional decision making and flawed thinking habits with highly structured thought patterns of elite traders.
  • Allows you to execute decisively in the moment without back and forth indecisive thinking.
  1. The Probability Calculation Scale

The human brain was not built to naturally think in probabilities. That’s why most traders find it so difficult to consistently think in probabilities. And that’s why we created this new mental tool.

What it is:

A simple but very powerful mental tool that allows for the rapid approximation of probabilities in a visual way.

What it does for you:

  • Allows you to visually depict the odds or probabilities of a trade setup in a way that makes quick and easy sense to your brain.
  • Gives you the ability to consistently factor probabilities into your entry and exit decisions.
  1. The Intermarket Triggers

If you trade an equity index (such as the S&P, Nasdaq, Russel or Dow), using the other market indices can provide a huge edge in your trading- but only if they are used correctly. Using them incorrectly doesn’t just cause underperformance; it causes catastrophic results.  That’s why we created a new specific set of rules around how to use the other markets in the correct way.

What it is:

A set of rules around the use of the other market indices to trigger entries or exits in your market.

What it does for you:

  • Helps you avoid numerous mistakes of intermarket analysis that are toxic to your trading.
  • Gives you 3 specific rules to enter trades based on signals from the other indices.
  • Gives you 2 specific rules of how to exit trades based on signals from the other indices.
  1. The Internals Shortcut System

As well as we’ve tried to explain how to read the internals in the OpenTrader Portal, it’s the one area traders still struggle with the most. The 2 main problems are either a complete misread coming from a lack of true understanding, or an over-reading and overweighing of the internals. To solve this problem, we created a shortcut system of interpreting the internals quickly and effectively.

What it is:

A simple rule set of 3 shortcuts of how to read the TICK and 3 shortcuts of how to read the AD line most correctly and effectively.

What it does for you:

  • Allows you to correctly read the internals very quickly at a glance.
  1. The Time-frame Diagnostics System

Reading the timeframes is a major part of contextual analysis. The difficulty with it is that there are a multitude of timeframes a trader can look at, and it is often unclear which higher timeframe is most relevant to you as a day trader.

That’s why we’ve built a rule-based diagnostics system for performing timeframe analysis in the most correct and efficient way possible.

What it is:

A set of structured rules for diagnosing the true state of market control from the higher timeframes that is most relevant on any given day.

What it does for you:

  • Allows you to know which timeframe(s) are currently controlling the market and how that should affect your trading.
  • Tells you how much control any given timeframe has and what that means for your entries and exits.
  • Gives you a much clearer and consistent understanding of overall market context.
  1. The Pre-market Flowchart

Market prep work is possibly the most important part of any trader’s system. That’s why we’ve created a new step-by-step process of how to create an adaptive and advanced trade plan for each trading day.

What it is:

A highly structured 4 step process of pre-market technical preparation and trade plan work.

What it does for you:

  • Gets you prepared for the trading day in the best and most efficient manner possible.
  • Allows you to have trades planned before the market even opens.
  • Gives you a flexible and efficient game plan based on various high odds and low odds scenarios playing out.
  1. The Automatic Orders System

You may not realize this, but many days require literally zero intraday market analysis for you to get into the best trade setups. That’s because you can have resting orders already set in your trading platform before the market even opens. You’ve heard us talk about automatic orders before, but now you’ll have a complete new system to know exactly how and when to place those orders.

What it is:

A system of 5 rules for when and where to place orders before the market open, and under which conditions to keep or cancel them once the trading day begins.

What it does for you:

  • Gets you into scary looking (but excellent) trades that you would usually never take during the live trading day.
  • Removes the stress of intraday real-time market analysis from many trading days.
  • Helps you avoid getting trapped by the sharp short-term movements that are often fakeouts by knowing which direction and location the true highest probability trades lie in.

The Life-Changing Opportunity

In all walks of life, people regularly spend over $100,000 on a college education, and it usually ends up taking them well over 10 years to earn $1 Million. This is looked at as normal and standard, with rarely anyone ever questioning it.

And yet how much is an opportunity worth which has the potential to allow someone to take a $50,000 account to over $1 Million in one year, and then to keep compounding it rapidly after that?

Think about that. In fact, stop reading and take a minute right now to vividly imagine yourself accomplishing that.

Just allow yourself to really picture it for a minute and then continue reading.

Now that you’ve seen what that looks like in your mind, how much of a time and money investment would you be willing to pay to have a shot at that? Would you be willing to dedicate 4 years and pay $150,000 to make it a reality?

Most people would answer a big yes in a heartbeat, and that would be a great decision because it would still likely end up being a far better return on your time and money than almost anything else out there. Think of it logically, wouldn’t you agree?

Now what if we told you that the time investment is not 4 years but rather only 1 month, and the cost is not $150,000 but rather only $40,000?

Well it’s what the several students we’ve talked about have already done to turn their trading and entire life around.

And the question that naturally comes to mind is why would we only charge $40,000 for something that has the very real potential to make someone millions of dollars?

Indeed, consultants across various industries regularly charge 6-figures (and sometimes even 7-figures) because of their ability to greatly increase the income of a person or company, and the people who use their services happily pay the large fees because they know it’ll be a great investment with great returns.

And in fact we would charge $100,000 or more to provide such powerful training that produces unheard of results if it wasn’t for one simple fact…

The Creation of The New Turtles

Richard Dennis and the Turtles trading experiment are the stuff of legend in the trading industry.

If you don’t know the true story, Richard Dennis was reported to have borrowed $1,600 in the early 1970’s and turned it into a fortune of $200 Million trading futures over a 10 year period.

He felt he could teach anyone to trade his incredible method, so he set out to see if he was right, in what is now the most famous experiment ever conducted in the trading world.

Richard chose 23 regular men and women from a variety of average backgrounds (he called them the Turtles) to train over a short 2 week period on how to trade his trend following method. Then after seeing which of them did well over 1 month of live trading, he funded them with his own money.

When the experiment ended 5 years later, his Turtles had earned a reported aggregate profit of $175 Million!

Needless to say, the experiment was an enormous success.

And with that success as our inspiration, we are now setting out to try to accomplish a similar feat.

Namely, our goal is to build elite traders through our 1-on-1 mentorship, and then fund them with our own money to make millions of dollars over the next several years.

Of course the students would receive a good portion of the profits, and we would be taking all the risk on our own capital.

That’s how much we believe in what we’re teaching and the transformations we’re producing in our traders. We are willing to stake our own money on it, and we believe that our traders will make millions for us and themselves.

And that’s why we’re willing to do the training for such a relatively low price.

The Making Of An Elite Prop Firm

Picture this…

A trader in Chicago, one in New York, another in a small town in Texas, one in California, and another in Florida. One in Western Canada and another on the East coast, two more in the UK, and Germany, and Australia, and Singapore, and South Africa, and a couple more in Malaysia and Italy, and a few more countries spanning the continents.

These people are not going to the office, and they don’t have a boss to answer to. They are not imprisoned by typical work hours, they are not bored by meaningless work, and they don’t earn an average salary. Instead, they are independent traders who trade from the comfort of their own home. And they share one more thing in common…

They are an exclusive group of traders who are part of a virtual elite prop firm.

The prop firm is our equivalent of Richard Dennis and his Turtles. And it’s a money making machine that is also making history in the process.

This is our big vision, and it’s what we’re in the process of establishing right now.

Who Will Be Chosen?

With over 4,000 OpenTrader students and growing rapidly as we gain the reputation of being the top trading education company in the industry, it won’t be easy to be chosen for the 1-on-1 mentorship. Given our very busy schedules, we aren’t able to hold such a mentorship at just any given time.

We’ve just decided to launch another 4-week mentorship starting May 23rd, and we are now accepting applications.

Because virtually every student that joins the OpenTrader Training Program is very serious and committed to his or her success, and because we’ve now seen that no special intelligence or character quality is needed beyond a deep level of commitment, unless someone truly stands out from the pack on their application, we will be choosing the students to the 1-on-1 mentorship on a first-come first-served basis.

So whoever applies first and is serious and ready to fully commit to a month of intensive 1-on-1 training will likely be chosen.

But There’s Something Important To Note…

We’re accepting both, profitable and unprofitable traders, but we do have very specific criteria that you must meet before you can apply for this opportunity:

CRITERIA #1. You must have seriously studied or be studying the OpenTrader Professional Training Program in detail.

CRITERIA #2. You must trade (or be willing to trade) the Emini S&P (or the Micro Emini). This is our market, and while the method can be used to trade any market and multiple time-frames, all the instruction during the mentorship will be using this market on an intraday basis.

CRITERIA #3. You must be able to commit to meeting online (Skype/Zoom) every trading day after the market close for the duration of the mentorship starting from the week of May 23rd.

CRITERIA #4. You must be able to afford the $40,000 tuition such that even if you take it out of your trading account (something we believe would be the single best “trade” you ever made in your account) you still have at least $10,000 to trade with.

If you meet all 4 of the above criteria, then the thing you need to do next is apply by clicking the button below and filling out a short questionnaire.

If you’re serious about this then definitely apply right now, because again, we are choosing the students on a first-come first-serve basis from our large student base, and we don’t know when we’ll be able to hold another mentorship.

Given the proven, incredible success we’ve already achieved with people no different than you in such short periods of time, we’re supremely confident that you’ll look back on this as being the single best investment of time and money that you ever made in your life, which is exactly how our latest student felt:

“To say this is the best money I have ever spent in my life would be truly an understatement.” – Rex Overholser

Rex sent in that email after having been in the mentorship for only 10 days, and having already produced 15R of profit, trading on his own from home. He is 59 years old and had been struggling to make money from the markets to no avail for nearly 30 years. As he conveyed to us afterwards, he literally had tears in his eyes to finally be living his dream, and to have it happen so fast.

We look forward to doing the same for you!


Ziad and Awais

Hear from Past Mentorship Students…


FTC Disclaimer

The results mentioned on this page have not officially been audited and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. It is possible that even with perfect commitment to the 1-on-1 mentorship program, a person will not achieve the results described here or any positive results at all. And while the average statistics provided are based on all students who were trading real money accounts, the highlighted results and testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results the program has produced, and should not be taken as the results that every student will get. Moreover, no guarantee is being made that every student will become funded.