Discover The New Pro Trader League

Discover The New Pro Trader League that Allows You to Develop Your Skills and Get Funded
(While Also Earning Money… Without Risking Money)

How many times have you seen a trade setting up, felt like it’s a great risk/reward opportunity- even one with high odds- and yet froze up and failed to follow through and take it?

You just sat there, watching, as it took off without you, feeling the sting of regret as you missed out on all those profits- yet again.

There’s not a single trader who hasn’t experienced this more times than they care to remember.

Few things hurt more than a big missed opportunity.

Except perhaps for going through an extended drawdown where you take one loss after another and feel like you just can’t do anything right, only to become gun-shy and stop taking your setups right before they start working again. i.e. you get extra conservative at the exact wrong time and end up failing to make back your drawdown.

These experiences are excruciatingly difficult to deal with. But what makes it much worse is that the vast majority of traders are on an endless loop of dealing with them. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over.

And if that wasn’t hard enough, it’s made much harder by the fact that as this is all continually happening, consistently profitable trading always feels to be so incredibly close.

You always feel like it’s just around the corner.

Like you’re about to make it — if only you could fix one or two key leaks in your trading game.

But despite it always feeling tantalizingly close, it never seems to happen. And even if you do become profitable, your real goals seem to stay a distant fantasy, as you barely make enough to grow your account.

So what’s the solution to all this? Are you destined to stay stuck in this endless cycle of seeking success without ever finding it?

A New Way to Potentially Break the Endless Cycle

After having seen countless traders experiencing this painful reality (and having experienced it ourselves), we’re happy to say that we believe we’ve found an innovative solution.

But before we reveal what that solution is exactly, let’s break down the root cause of the problem.

The majority of people fail at trading, primarily because they have no real edge in the market. They learn bogus techniques and strategies that have little to no long-term edge, and they don’t spend nearly enough time and energy dedicating themselves to gaining an edge.

But there are a subset of traders who fail for a different reason. These traders have incredible passion and dedication, spend enormous amounts of time studying the markets and working on their trading, and yet continually fall short due to one thing: themselves.

They fail to reach their goals, despite having a methodology that has a real edge in the market, simply because of their psychological issues.

These traders, then, don’t need more time studying and improving their trading strategies.

They simply need to learn to execute their existing techniques and strategies more effectively.

Naturally, the main way to do this is to undertake a process of inner work. To make it as a trader, you need to continually work on yourself to transcend your psychological weaknesses and be able to perform under pressure.

This can include a process journal, visualization, meditation, biofeedback and any other number of strategies to learn how to relax and not allow emotions like fear and anger to overtake you.

Yet, there’s one main impediment to doing all this: Any psychological technique takes great repetition in order for it to do its job of rewiring one’s neural networks in such a way that it becomes the new default way of perceiving and acting.

But the issue is that it’s very difficult to put any psychological technique into practice in the heat of the moment with real money on the line, especially if you’re struggling with your PnL. If you’ve traded long enough, you know this to be true. In the moments when you need it most, that technique is not accessible to you because emotions take over as a protective mechanism.

Some traders have tried to counter this by practicing their psychological techniques and proper execution on the simulator (SIM), but the problem there is that since there are no real consequences to their SIM trading, it doesn’t elicit nearly the same emotions as Live trading does and most often fails to do a good job of training one to execute trades effectively in a realistic setting.

And so, as soon as a trader returns to trading real money, their old mental and emotional habits kick back in and they end up back on the same negative cycle.

But…What if there were a middle ground between SIM and Live trading?
What if there were a way to make SIM trading matter enough to make it much more of a realistic setting for practicing and instilling correct trading execution, but not matter so much that it makes it too difficult to put in enough reps of good execution practice before it becomes a new habit?

Well, we believe we’ve created just that.

Introducing The Pro Trader League

The Pro Trader League is a new way to supercharge your learning curve when it comes to trading psychology and trade execution.

Serious developing traders from around the world will come together to compete in SIM trading. They are given specific Risk and Trade parameters to make the trading as professional as possible, and their job is to produce the highest return possible within the risk guidelines.

Each trader will pay a fee to enter The Pro Trader League and the top 10 performers each month will get paid a performance bonus, i.e. they earn real money from their SIM trading. The top places can earn many multiples of the fee, reaching four figures.

The effect of paying a fee (i.e. having some skin in the game) and having the opportunity to earn real money gives the SIM trading an importance and realism that it previously never had.

Normally, SIM trades have ZERO consequences, but in The Pro Trader League traders will have a shot at earning real money, which means the SIM trades will be taken much more seriously. That’s huge!

Yet, if you lose money during your SIM trading, or you fail to make the top 10, you don’t actually lose anything beyond your relatively affordable monthly fee, so the stakes are not nearly as high as Live trading (all the accounts get automatically reset at the beginning of each month to start a new competition with new performance bonuses to be earned for the new month).

In this way, what you effectively have is a training ground with just the right amount of realism to make your practice efficient and effective. Not too little to fail to evoke any emotions, but not too much to leave you frozen and stuck in your current status.

The result of this on your execution skills can be huge!

Whereas you may still have too much fear in your Live trading to take certain psychologically difficult setups that you know have edge, you can take them in your competitive SIM trading, knowing that you need to produce good results to really compete (and knowing that a loss won’t actually lose you real money).

This gives you a chance to practice psychological techniques and proper execution in real market conditions, where there are consequences to your actions, but to do so with much less pressure than when you have your own money on the line.

The hidden benefit of this added practice is that if your method truly has a trading edge and you finally start executing your trade setups much more consistently, you will start experiencing your trades working out and producing profits, which has the effect of helping to rewire your neural networks.

The reality is that no matter how many psychological techniques you employ, there’s nothing that will transform your trading psychology, increase your confidence, and improve your execution more than experiencing more winning trades.

It’s one thing to see a setup work without you on board. It’s quite another thing to take it on SIM and actually experience it working in real-time. And it’s a whole other thing to experience it working while knowing that its result actually matters.

Since the brain will assign importance to something that matters, each time you take a winning SIM trade in The Pro Trader League, you are conditioning your mind to associate the setup, and the mental process you used to execute it, with a positive outcome and emotion. With time, if you take enough of these trades that you would normally skip or hesitate on in your Live account, you could retrain your mind to execute them properly in a Live account as well.

This is very different from trying to use willpower or a psychological technique directly on a Live account, since the emotional and cognitive dissonance typically won’t allow you to execute enough trades properly and consistently enough to rewire your brain with a new habit.

So in this way, not only do you have the potential to make real money from trading on SIM and finally being able to execute all those trades that you wish you could take in your Live account, but in doing so you can be actively improving your execution, rewiring your brain, and getting better in your Live account. It’s truly a win-win!

But there’s more…

It Doesn’t End There

Just being able to improve your Live trading while potentially earning extra money is enough to make most traders excited about participating in such an innovative training mechanism.

But it’s more than that.

And that’s because those traders who hit a certain profit threshold (detailed below) instantly qualify for getting funded by us.

So not only do you get to earn money from your SIM trading and get better at your Live trading while doing so, but you can earn the opportunity to have financial backing and earn more (potentially much more) money from your trading with zero risk to you.

If capital constraints have always been a problem for you, this can be a true game changer.

Think of it as if you’re competing in the minor leagues, and then being drafted into the major leagues to trade sizable capital.

And the great thing is that you can continue trading in the The Pro Trader League and earning money from SIM trading while continuing to improve your Live trading execution, even after getting funded.

Your execution will likely be improving even more than you realize due to the specific risk and execution parameters, as well as the overall competitive environment you’ll be a part of, which serve to create a much higher level of accountability.

Many traders struggle simply because they’re not held accountable for their trades. But by having to stick to certain risk best practices, as well as having to compete with others to get paid serious cash, you can instantly elevate your level of accountability and force yourself to become a much better trader.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit more accountability to turn things around and create proper discipline and process focus.

Now, having said all that, let’s quickly get into the specific trade parameters and the initial payouts.

How The Pro Trader League Works

First of all, let’s share the performance bonuses available each month to the competitors.

Here is the initial breakdown of the performance bonuses. In time, as more traders enter The Pro Trader League, the bonuses will get larger and there will be more of them available.

1st   $2,000
2nd  $1,250
3rd   $1,000
4th   $500
5th   $400
6th   $350
7th   $300
8th   $250
9th   $200
10th $150

As you can see, even with our initial performance bonuses, you could make a decent amount of money just through your SIM trading.

  • You are given a $50,000 SIM account (resets back to $50K at the beginning of each new month to start a new competition with new performance bonuses)
  • You have a max peak-to-trough drawdown of $7,500 during the month
  • You have a max daily loss limit of $3,000
  • You have a max position size of 6 lots/contracts on ES or 60 lots/contracts on Micro ES (initially we will only allow Emini ES and Micro ES trading, but eventually expand it to many markets)
  • One trade cannot be more than 50% of your Monthly PnL (so that a fluke homerun cannot earn someone a major performance bonus)
  • Minimum 8 days traded in a month
  • Each trade taken must have an attached stop order.
  • Max stop size of 15 points on the Emini ES and Micro ES

As you can see, these parameters not only keep everyone competing on the same level, but they actually enforce proper risk management without being overly tight, which can hinder proper trading.

There are firms in the industry that promise to fund traders if they can hit seemingly easy profit targets on SIM, but the hidden trap is that their risk parameters are so tight that it’s virtually impossible to not continually get disqualified. Not only that, the tight parameters enforce incorrect trading process, as traders become much more conservative and start trading not to lose, instead of trading to win.

This can wreak havoc on your trading. The key is to have enough leeway to trade properly without fear, but not too much that you trade recklessly. Our parameters ensure just that, and make it a much more realistic and effective trading experience.

Moreover these other firms promise funding after only a few days of reaching a seemingly small profit target. But what most traders don’t realize is that since this doesn’t even come close to proving consistent profitability, even if they do get funded on a real account, the same overly tight risk limits continue to be employed and the trader gets cut faster than they have a chance to make any real money.

Once again, we’re making this a much more legitimate funding opportunity with proper risk parameters that allow for realistic risk taking, and since a trader has to prove themselves for 3 consecutive months to get funded, once they do so they won’t get cut quickly through artificially tight risk controls, but rather will be given the chance to really scale up their trading and grow into trading larger capital and making a proper career out of it.

And on the note of creating realistic trading environments that translate into real-world trading, other firms also create a very unrealistic experience by allowing you to reset your SIM account if you get disqualified by drawing down too much or breaking other risk rules. But you know that in the real world, you don’t get resets to your trading account. Clearly, this is just a marketing ploy that makes more money for the firm and doesn’t actually benefit you as a trader (in fact it harms you by giving less realism and thereby less accountability to the SIM trading).

That’s why we don’t allow resets to the SIM account. If you get disqualified, you can continue trading the SIM account but you’ll need to wait until the next month to be eligible for the performance bonus. This ensures maximum realism and accountability- which is for your own benefit.

As for qualifying for funding, if you can be profitable 3 months in a row on SIM, with a minimum of $5K/month and a total of $25K during the 3 months, while sticking to all trade and risk parameters, you will automatically qualify for a funded account. The funded account will initially have the same buying power and parameters as the SIM account, and will grow from there as you prove your consistency.

You will initially receive 30% of the net profits on the funded account while being liable for 0% of the losses on this account (and your cut can grow as you prove your consistency and your funding level increases).

And because you can continue trading your own account as well as competing in The Pro Trader League and earning money through that while trading the funded account, the earning potential can really compound.

Our Bigger Vision (and even more benefits for you)

To quickly recap, the benefits of trading in The Pro Trader League are:

  1. Rewire your brain for better execution.
  2. Accelerate your learning curve.
  3. Increase your accountability and discipline.
  4. Have the potential to earn real money without risking real money.
  5. Get the opportunity for serious funding (getting a cut of the profits without having to pay for losses)
  6. Potentially earn more (possibly much more) from your Live trading.

But while these benefits alone make The Pro Trader League a huge value-add, our vision is even bigger.

What you’ve just read about is phase 1. But relatively soon after that, phase 2 will be kicked off, and this is where things get a lot more fun, interesting, and even more beneficial.

Phase 2 will introduce the community aspect of The Pro Trader League. The league will bring all the traders together in a way where they can be visible to each other to produce even more benefits.

Firstly, the league will feature a trading leaderboard that will display daily, weekly, and monthly PnL leaders. Just like in a sports league with team or individual rankings, you will be able to track how your performance actually measures up against other traders who are trading using the exact same parameters as you.

This has the effect of increasing your focus and drive, just like it does with competitive sports. It’s widely known that people tend to rise to the level of their competition, and when many serious, driven traders are competing against each other and seeing how others are performing, the effect will be an environment that can make everyone better.

This is currently the one missing link in the world of trading, as independent traders are most often islands unto themselves. Trading is a lonely business and most traders know very few, if any, other traders, and have no real clue about how others are performing. But with our new league, this changes.

Not only that, but you will be able to click the PnL of any top performer on the day and see their exact trades plotted on a chart. This can serve as a great learning tool to help you see what others are doing. For instance, imagine that 4 out of the 5 top performers on the day all took one key trade at similar prices, which ended up being a huge winner. If you missed that trade, the fact that several traders took it and crushed it that day is a huge indication for you to study the charts and see why and how you could have taken it.

Don’t underestimate the power of such community-based learning. And this power gets amplified when you can study the trades of the top performers for the whole month, or those that consistently rank at the top. You can go back and see what kinds of trades they’re taking and what they’re not taking, which can help you eliminate some bad habits and instill some new good ones just through the proper use of modeling.

Remember, since this is a SIM competitive environment, you won’t have the fear of trying out new setups that you see working for others, because you won’t lose real money if they don’t work out. And if they do work consistently, you’ll actually be executing them which will help rewire your brain and eventually allow you to start executing them in your Live trading.

But it doesn’t end there. This power gets doubly amplified by the added accountability that comes with knowing that your trades will be displayed for others to see if you make the leaderboard for the day, week, or month. Yes, you can use a pseudonym (screen name) to hide your true identity, but you will still have street cred to maintain, and you will naturally feel more accountable and take less bad trades.

On top of all that, there will be other valuable features like in-depth interviews with top performers, and possibly ways for traders to link directly with each other. This makes it a competitive/collaborative environment where everyone is helping lift everyone else up, and all are getting better in the process, while making trading a lot less secluded and lonely.

Any way you look at it, having such a trading league can elevate all independent traders and give them an advantage that previously only traders at Wall Street trading firms had.

Joining The Pro Trader League

The monthly fee for The Pro Trader League is $297. This is high enough to give you skin in the game and add some financial consequences to the SIM trading, but not so high so as to overly matter (like taking thousands of dollars of trading losses in a Live trading account does).

The great thing about this fee as compared to the performance bonus potential, is that even if you only manage to rank in the monthly top 5 a couple of times in an entire year, the performance bonuses could cover a big portion of the entire year’s fees, thereby allowing you to train and accelerate your trading progress almost for free. Even if you only rank in the bottom half of the top 10 a few times, you can cover a decent portion of your fees.

And of course, if you happen to end up a consistent top performer, you can make far more than your fee- especially as the number of competitors expands and the performance bonuses become larger. It could end up becoming a significant source of income.

And regardless of where you rank, if you can hit the minimum profit targets for a 3 month period while staying within the risk parameters, you will automatically qualify for a funded account, which can eventually reach sizable capital and allow your earning potential to skyrocket without any personal monetary risk.

But just (or even more) important as all of this is the fact that the Live trading you’re currently doing can greatly improve. This is where the investment potential of this opportunity really shines. If you’re trading the ES, your average stop size at the moment will be around 6 points in this volatility environment. That means even if you’re only trading 1 lots, you’re risking about $300 a trade.

So if this realistic, competitive trading environment helps you avoid one loss, or better yet, helps you capture only 1 extra 3R winner in an entire month, you’ve just gotten an incredible return on your investment. You pay $297 in a month, and not only can you earn real money from the SIM trading itself and have a legitimate chance to get funded, but just capturing one extra 3R trade in an entire month of Live trading can give you a 200% return on investment.

And the reality is that due to this enhanced training environment that allows for better and more frequent reps of good trade setups, the improvement could easily be several more 2R, 3R, or even 5R trades in any given month. So even if you’re only trading 1 lots, we’re talking several thousand dollars of more potential profits a month.

And if you happen to be trading larger size, a slight improvement could mean tens of thousands more a month, which would take a losing trader to a winner, a break-even trader to a solid trader, and a profitable trader to an elite performer.

So from a Risk/Reward point of view, the $297 monthly fee is almost negligible compared to all these incredible benefits. Just becoming more disciplined, accountable, and consistent in your execution could mean thousands of dollars difference to your Live trading PnL each month, no matter your current skill and size.

And so looked at from this proper perspective, it’s a win-win, no brainer decision.

But that decision needs to happen now because we’re opening up membership in the Pro Trader League only until the end of Friday, May 27th. Joining now will secure your spot in the initial private launch (which may last several months).

However, you won’t have to pay the $297 now. That’s because we first have to gauge interest in The Pro Trader League before launching it. So, as long as we feel there’s enough demand, we’ll go ahead and launch.

Because of that, for now, we’ll only be putting an authorized hold of $29.70 (10% of the fee) on your credit card, which will be charged only if we officially launch (current plan is to launch on June 1st). If we don’t end up launching, you will be charged nothing. But in this way, we know who the serious participants are and can gauge the real level of interest in this new and innovative service.

So if you want to accelerate your learning curve, rewire your brain for better execution, increase your accountability, have the potential to earn real money while trading on SIM, get the opportunity for serious funding, and potentially earn more (possibly much more) from your Live trading, join now and get your place secured in the private launch.

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