Student Nets $1.1 Million In Profits By Applying Revolutionary Trading System to Her Swing Trading

Student Nets $1.1 Million In Profits By Applying Revolutionary Trading System to Her Swing Trading

Here’s how she did it…

Most retail traders only dream of making over $1 Million from the markets. This trader (who wishes to remain anonymous for privacy purposes) not only did it, but can prove it with real brokerage statements.

Her story is very simple. She was a struggling trader, consistently losing money and then she decided to invest in herself and get mentored by me on the new revolutionary trading system I was working on behind the scenes. In less than two years of learning that new system she wrote me an email and attached her TradeStation brokerage statements. She had just hit over $1 Million in net trading profits. And most of her profits came from what? Swing trading Bonds and Gold. She hadn’t even done it by day trading the Emini S&P. Not that she wasn’t profitable day trading the Emini S&P (she was doing so well in fact that I funded her with my own money), but she was making the bigger killing by adapting the system to swing trading other markets.

How is that possible? Simple. The trading processes that the system is built on can actually be applied to any market and timeframe. She did that and the rest is history. In fact, below is a real snapshot of that history. As you look over it, keep in mind that she chose to trade in a higher risk/higher reward type of way so she can produce phenomenal results in a short period of time (230% return in swing trading in just 20 months is incredible and simply not possible with a conservative strategy). So for a conservative trader who wants to really limit drawdowns, their return would be lower. But the overall profitability would still be undeniable. Also, as you’ll see she had a decent size trading account to start with, which is what allowed her to make such huge money so quickly. For traders with much smaller account sizes, they too can be quite profitable but obviously their absolute returns will be lower and in proportion to their account size (although still possibly in the 6-figures).

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So let’s see her progression through her real brokerage statements…

It all starts in April 2016. At that point she had a $553,000 account. Here’s a snapshot of the brokerage statement from that date (Click to expand).

As you can see, she transferred in $400,000 to give the account a $500K balance, and that month she made $48,278 net profits.

Now, for the sake of time and space let’s skip ahead 5 months to see the progression of the account.

So after 5 months, her account was basically flat. Down around 1% in fact. This is reality folks. I’m not going to sugarcoat it and only show you big profits. When you’re swing trading it’s not necessarily about profits month in and month out (although it can be based on how selective/conservative you want to be), but about overall great returns for the year. There may be stagnant periods and periods of drawdowns and that’s just the reality of things. If a trader doesn’t show you that, they’re likely lying to you. But if you can manage those periods patiently, then there will be “feasting” periods when you make a killing quickly.

Now, let’s fast-forward another 4 months and see where the account was at.

As you can see, the account was up to $708,632 at this point, but if you study the month’s activity you’ll see that there was a net profit of $200,000 but the account value only went up by half that amount. That’s because there’s was about a $90,000 withdrawal from the account. So the net profit over this 4 month period was over $250,000.

As we move forward another 4 months we see the account up slightly (about 2%). But notice that it’s actually down $90K on this month from a high of $814K that it had reached. Again, that’s a very normal part of trading. And when you’re trading on the higher time-frames, you generally should be thinking about overall yearly profits rather than monthly consistency (which is much more common in active day trading).

But as you can see from the results just 3 months later, you will get cyclical pockets of opportunity that can allow you to see huge gains in a short period of time. If you can then hold onto most of those gains during the tough cycles, you end up with huge profits over time.

So in these 3 months there was some exponential growth, with total profits of about $575,000, which was about an 80% return on the account.

And then finally, 3 months after that, the total return reached over $1 million.

So this account had gone from around $500,000 to $1,566,464. When you account for the $90K withdrawal, the total profit during this 20 month period was around $1,150,000, which marks a 230% return.

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So there you have it. Detailed proof of a student using this revolutionary system to produce dramatic returns on a swing trading time-frame. And since then she has continued producing very big returns. Now of course this student’s results are not typical and I’m not implying that everyone (or anyone for that matter) can necessarily achieve such spectacular results so quickly swing trading higher time-frames (such percentage returns on the day trading time-frame can be pretty normal however). This trader had a good capital base and she was willing to trade a higher risk / higher reward style that produces some drawdowns others may not be comfortable sitting through. But of course a trader can trade as conservative as they like just by decreasing their position sizing and percentage risk (i.e. the amount they risk per trade as a percentage of their account). That’s all there is to it. The key is the edge and profitability of the system and the trading principles and processes it uses. And that’s undeniable.

So if you’re someone who either doesn’t have the time to day trade, or would simply like to augment their day trading income with a longer-term style, you can easily adapt the strategies and principles to a higher time-frame just like this trader did. You can even use a more selective style and sit through less flat and drawdown periods, and have more consistency even on the higher time-frame. The possibilities are limitless. But it all starts with having a structured trading system that can give you a robust edge. That’s an absolute must. And that’s what we’re offering through our new training portal.

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