Ultimate Trader Programming

How A Scientific Discovery About The Brain Can Slash The Time You Need To Become Consistently Profitable

(And how to use it to relieve your struggles)


What if? That’s the question I asked myself.

What if there were something that could decrease the struggle towards consistent profitability?

What if there were a way to speed things up, so that you could become a profitable trader faster?

Is it possible that becoming a consistently profitable trader is not just a function of time, but that something else- something that’s hidden from your awareness– could be playing a big role without you knowing it?

And the most important question of all: what if this ‘hidden something’ is actually sabotaging you and outright blocking your trading success?

In that case, not only would it be good to understand it, but it becomes absolutely necessary to fight it if you ever hope to reach sustainable profitability.


The Hidden Block To Your Success

I became a consistently profitable trader faster than most. And while the reason for that is because I did things very differently than the vast majority of traders (i.e. contextual market reading and executing against the crowd), the real question is: what caused me to discover the right way to trade? What compelled me to do things differently to reach consistent profitability to begin with??

And as you’re about to see, the answer to that question is the answer to your struggles as a trader. But to understand the answer, you first have to understand how the human brain functions.

Everyone knows that computers are programmed, and that they’ll basically do whatever their programming tells them to do. But what almost no one seems to realize is that the human brain is also programmed, and you do whatever that programming tells you to do.

Now, for some people, this is a tough pill to swallow. They’ll ask “what do you mean my brain is programmed? I’m an independent person and I do what I choose to do!”

That may be true, but the question everyone misses is: what causes you to choose in the first place?

And the answer that scientists have come to understand is: your brain’s programming is responsible for the choices you make. Just like a computer is programmed, the brain is essentially a supercomputer that has its own programming code, and each person has their own unique programming.

And this of course leads to the obvious question: how do we get our programming?!

Well, it actually happens at a time when you’re too young to remember that it ever happened. You see, from the time that you’re born, you’re given repeated messages about how you should think, what you should believe, and how you should act. It starts off with your parents instilling in you their own beliefs and attitudes, then you get programmed with certain beliefs and attitudes early on in school, and then you get programmed by society at large.

By the time you’re an adult you are literally programmed to think and act in very specific ways. And while it may seem that you’re consciously making decisions all the time, what you don’t realize is that those decisions are being driven directly by your programming, which you’re unaware of because it’s completely unconscious.

Now here’s the kicker: This programming is largely negative. In fact, behavioral researchers have found that as much as 77% of everything that we think is negative, counterproductive, and directly works against us when trying to achieve our goals. i.e. what scientists have found through countless studies is that most people are literally programmed to fail.

And if you do happen to be successful in one area or career, when it comes to trading, the propensity for failure is accentuated even further because all the messages we ever hear about trading are how many people fail, and how impossible it is to beat the market, and how low the odds of success are. And whether you know it or not, those thoughts seep in subconsciously and are added to all the other negative programming about yourself and the world you’ve had throughout life.

And in this way, your brain is literally blocking the trading success that you so desperately want! It’s sabotaging your efforts every step of the way without you realizing it.

But think about this. What if….. you could completely reprogram your mind for success? What if you had a new, word-for-word set of directions that could literally reprogram your subconscious mind in a way that erases and replaces the old negative programming with positive, and effective new directions? And more importantly for our purpose here, what if you could do it for your trading?


The Pyramid That Changes Everything

Most people focus solely on their behavior when they want to achieve success at something. i.e. they place all of their attention directly on what they do.

When it comes to trading that translates into studying the markets, and learning a profitable strategy, and creating rules, and working on their trading psychology. And that’s all great, but it completely misses the fact that their results are ultimately caused and controlled by much deeper processes that are happening unconsciously beneath the surface.

For years I knew there was something deeper that was causing my success in the markets, but I couldn’t quite define it- let alone teach it to people.

Until now.

You see, I’ve been researching the human mind for years in search of the ultimate cause of success, hoping that if I could find it, I could teach it to people. And it wasn’t until recently that I found a scientifically proven model that could actually be used in an easy and practical way to help people.

This Scientific model, can be best understood by this pyramid:



You see, when you’re wondering how you could have failed yet again despite all the effort and all the motivation, realize it’s because you’ve been working solely with the effect and completely ignoring the cause.

The behavior that you’re working on is the effect of all these other things that are going on beneath the surface, and if you try to change it without changing the cause (i.e. the programming), it’s never gonna work. It’s like trying to steer a plane to its destination when it’s actually on autopilot and being steered by its own software program. You might have the illusion of doing something, but in reality it’s going to go where it’s programmed to go instead of where you want it to go.

And the same thing has been happening with your trading. Despite having a profitable method at your fingertips, and despite being taught what to do, your own internal programming is literally blocking you from applying things correctly and consistently and thereby sabotaging your results.

How does it do this?

It does it in a host of different ways such as leading you to over-complicate the trading method so it loses its edge, or to come up with faulty trading plans, or to miss obvious signs during the trading day and stay focused on the wrong things, or to simply not be able to follow the rules of the method. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

But why does this happen?


Going Inside The Pyramid

Let’s delve into the pyramid so you understand how it all works. And let’s work our way down from the top.

It’s obvious that your results are caused by your behavior, but what’s less obvious is that your behavior is a direct result of your feelings. Indeed, everything you do, every action you take, is filtered first through your feelings. That’s what researchers have discovered. It’s how you feel about something that’s always going to determine what you do and how you do it.

Think about it. If you feel good about something, you will act in a different way than if you feel negatively towards something. For example, how you feel about a certain project you’re working on will either cause you to work on it with enthusiasm (if you feel good about doing it) or procrastinate endlessly (if you feel bad about doing it).

And it’s this way with everything. It’s our feelings about something that cause us to take action or not take action, and it also determines the manner in which we take that action. How you feel about every area in your life, from your career, to your family, to your health, to your friends, to your hobbies, determines how you behave in these areas.

But what is it that causes these feelings? Well, it turns out that your feelings are directly caused by the attitudes you have. Your attitudes are the perceptual filters through which you see your life. It’s your perspectives. Each person has a general attitude about life, but each of you also has specific attitudes about different areas, such as work, money, exercise, family, and also… the markets and trading.

Now if you have a good attitude in a specific area, you’re naturally going to do better. Researchers have seen this over and over again through countless experiments and observations. Think about a golfer with a great attitude. Instead of being disheartened by a bad round of golf, he practices more to get better. Instead of becoming scared after a missed putt, he keeps putting confidently. His attitude, determines how he feels about any circumstance, and then how he feels determines how he acts.

From this you can see that for him to succeed, a good attitude is essential, because a bad attitude is going to lead to behaviors that are not at all conducive to success. He’ll miss a putt and start feeling scared and defensive which will cause him to miss more putts. He’ll have a bad round and start feeling like a victim and sulking instead of putting in more practice time, which will keep his skill level the same instead of improving. 

So that’s pretty clear. But the question is, where do we get our attitudes from? Do they just come out of nowhere? Far from it. Our attitudes are directly born out of and controlled by our beliefs.

Now this one is the big one. Your beliefs are so powerful, that they literally determine what is true for you and create your reality. Most people think that they see the world objectively, as it is. But what they don’t realize is that they only see their beliefs about the world, and whatever those beliefs are, they become true for them.

To see why this is true, assume that you believe that people don’t like you. Even though this may not be correct, the fact that you believe it will literally create this reality for you. How? Well… because you believe it to be true, you’ll act cold and distant when you meet new people- after all, you think they won’t like you and you want to protect yourself from this. So you keep your distance, make little conversation, and you don’t show your true personality. This is a natural protective mechanism… you don’t want to be yourself because you think people won’t like you.

But what happens when you act distant like this? Well, naturally, people won’t really like you. They’ll think you’re rude and unfriendly. They’ll think that you don’t like them. And of course they’ll act accordingly by keeping their distance from you. And when that happens, your mind will say “see? I told you people don’t like you. Look at how they’re not talking to you. They act as if you’re not there.”

So you see your belief has literally created the reality dictated by that belief. Based on your belief that people don’t like you, your mind will cause you to try to avoid that negative outcome, but it will unfortunately do it in a way that will actually cause the very outcome that you didn’t want. To avoid being disliked, you keep your distance from people, and by keeping your distance you’re seen as cold and unfriendly, which causes people to dislike you, and when you see that your mind reconfirms its belief that people don’t like you, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

But what you miss in all of this is that it’s not a fixed objective reality that you’re simply experiencing. Instead, your belief is actually actively creating your reality. And to prove that, assume instead that you believed that everyone likes you.

Well…that would cause you to be more friendly and outgoing and interact positively with people. After all, you believe that they’ll like you.  In turn, they would see your friendliness and reciprocate it. And then your mind would tell you, “see? I told you people like you.”

And so it’s the same people, and the same situation, but a different belief creates an entirely different reality. In one, you end up as a loner that has no friends and possibly doesn’t advance in his career because of his isolation, and in the other you end up having a lot of friends, a more enjoyable life, and possibly more success due to being liked more by everyone. And the only difference between the two realities is the belief inside your mind that actively created each of the realities.

And that’s how it works with everything in your life. Everything you believe is literally creating and molding your entire life and all the results that you get. Your beliefs about yourself, your beliefs about the world, and of course your beliefs about the markets and trading, will determine everything you experience and what “happens” to you.

And that’s the illusion. We think things just happen, when in reality we are directly or indirectly creating the vast majority of what happens in our lives through the power of our beliefs.

And so of course, the natural question now becomes, how do we get our beliefs? Do they just come out of nowhere one day?

And of course, the answer is that no they don’t. Our beliefs are created and completely controlled by… our programming. Essentially, you believe what you have been programmed to believe. The programming is your conditioning, from the day you were born, and it’s basically everything you have accepted from the outside world and everything you’ve fed to yourself based on your early and ongoing experiences in life.

The programming gets implanted into your mind by someone or by some important experience you had, and then by the very nature of the powerful belief it creates, it reinforces itself and becomes permanently cemented. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false, right or wrong, it’s there and it directly creates your beliefs, which then, as you see, unconsciously run and operate your entire life.

But is there something you can do about it?


Reprogramming Your Brain’s Software


Anything that can be programmed, can be reprogrammed.

That’s exciting news!

It means that you don’t have to remain a victim of your current programming and you can control your fate as a trader.

To understand how to do that, we turn to the work of Dr. Shad Helmstetter, who was the researcher that first stumbled upon this scientific discovery.

Dr. Helmstetter realized that the way we got our programming to begin with was through hearing it from our environment. Parents, teachers, and other elders continually communicated their beliefs to us when we were kids, and we absorbed those repetitive messages until they became our own belief systems. i.e. until our brains got programmed with those beliefs.

So what if we were to create a new word-for-word set of instructions to reprogram our mind with? That’s the idea that Dr. Helmstetter got. He thought, what if we could literally re-write our programming just like a programmer would re-write a piece of software code to get the computer to do something different?

So he decided to do that with something he had been struggling with for years… losing weight. He had tried every diet there is, starving himself, and even going to professional weight-loss clinics, and nothing had worked. If he did lose weight, he couldn’t keep it off. He would quickly go bad to his old habits and regain the weight. But when he had discovered all of these things about how the human mind really works, he asked himself, what if I wrote a special self-talk audio track to reprogram myself for losing weight and keeping it off? Why not put my theories to the ultimate test?

And so he did.

And the results were nothing short of amazing. In just 10.5 weeks, he lost 38 pounds! His doctor was literally stunned given his 20 year history of struggle with weight loss.

To make it even more interesting, his wife had been overhearing the audio track he’d been playing while she’d be putting on makeup, and she ended up losing 25 pounds over the same period, and also kept the weight off. And she hadn’t even been actively listening to the audio track!

At that point when he and his wife lost all that weight just by listening to this audio track of new programming, he knew he had stumbled on a big discovery. He saw firsthand the incredible capability of the subconscious mind to make things happen when programmed correctly, and now he had a technology for programming the mind in a way that was naturally compatible with the way the human brain worked and with the way we originally got programmed. i.e. by hearing the messages over and over again.

And this was hugely confirmed when he started producing tapes for others and began getting letters from people all over the country telling him of the amazing results they were seeing in so many areas of their lives just by listening to these tapes. People would lose weight, and improve relationships that had been bad for years, and succeed at things they had struggled and failed at repeatedly.

And with all this confirmation, there was no doubt of the validity of this discovery- that the human brain could indeed be reprogrammed to attain virtually any goal.


The Ultimate Trader

Like I mentioned before, I had searched for years for a solution like this. Something that could explain the root cause of success and also help traders who are struggling to achieve it.  So you can imagine my excitement when I recently stumbled upon the work of Dr. Helmstetter. Right when I found it, I knew this was something that could really help our traders.

And so I made it my mission to bring this to you. Despite fortunately having been programmed with a lot of the right beliefs for success, I too had some key limiting beliefs that caused a lot of early struggle in my trading journey, and I know how hard it can be. I know how hard it feels when you take countless losses. I know what it feels like when you think you’ve figured it out- that you finally found that consistent profitability that you’re after- only to get killed by the market again.

And in my work with teaching traders valid trading techniques, I’ve heard from so many of you over time and I can’t even count the number of heartbreaking stories I’ve heard, and how tough some of your journeys have been.

So that’s why I wanted to bring this to you.

But it’s not such a simple feat to actually write the powerful programming to really affect positive change and greatly increase the odds of success in trading. To do it correctly, I had to go through the rigorous process of decoding all of my own beliefs and programming to get to the root of what caused my trading success. 

I actually had to deconstruct and reverse engineer my own programming to dig up the effective beliefs that had led to my success. And I also had to dig up all of my past conversations with traders and the work I had done with them, to pinpoint all of the key areas that traders struggle with and sabotage themselves on. I realized that if this reprogramming was going to be effective, it would have to address more than just the symptoms, but would need to address each and every negative program that caused each problem in the first place.

And the end result?

A new video / audio based brain programming portal for traders called The Ultimate Trader Programming Portal, where traders can program their minds for ultimate trading success using the latest cutting-edge science of the brain.

It consists of 7 videos / downloadable mp3’s designed to reprogram your mind with the right beliefs for trading success:

  • Becoming a Profitable Trader
  • Developing Patience
  • Trading With Confidence
  • Discipline in Risk Management
  • Letting Your Winners Run
  • Thinking In Probabilities
  • Controlling Your Emotional & Mental State

The first video / mp3 “Becoming a profitable trader” is the main one, then there are 6 more that focus on highly specific areas in trading, and the portal leads you through a 30 day process of programming your brain for trading success. All you have to do is listen to the mp3 or watch the video each day and the process itself does all the work. There’s nothing else to do!

As far as pricing, there’s really nothing like this out there for traders to compare it to, but the value is clear. If it can take someone who’s tried dozens of diet plans, and diet food, and dietitians, and help them lose all the weight they want and save the thousands of dollars they’d spend on all those things, imagine what it can do for a trader. Just the losses you save, and the time you save, and the more opportunities you capture by reprogramming your mind can mean thousands of dollars.

But I wanted to make it quite affordable so that any of our students who are serious about improving and transforming their trading can get access to it. So it’s not priced at thousands of dollars. Rather, the price of lifetime access to the Ultimate Trader Programming portal is a one-time payment of only $800. This way, literally everyone can afford it.

But it’s even more affordable now because we’re running a one-time sale as we launch this exciting portal with our entire student base. So just for this week, until Sunday, June 21, the price is only $397, and you save $403, which is over 50% off the regular price.

But I also wanted to provided some bonuses for this special launch!

Bonus #1: Becoming a millionaire trader video / downloadable mp3

Bonus #2: Improving your health & Fitness video / downloadable mp3


These two bonuses alone are more than worth the entire price of the program. I don’t have to tell you how awesome it would be to become a millionaire trader, so I’ll just leave you to envision that, but what that video / mp3 does is implant within you the beliefs of millionaire traders.

The health & fitness track is for you if you have a  weight problem, or would simply like to shed a few stubborn pounds and become healthier. It will literally rewrite the negative programming that currently holds you back from losing weight, and eating healthy, and sticking to a fitness regimen like you’ve always wanted and help you achieve your long-held goals in this area. Now this isn’t a trading related program, but for many I think you’ll find that this little program alone could be a blessing for your life, which is why I wanted to include it. Numerous studies have also shown that when you’re more fit, mental functioning and focus show a marked improvement because more oxygen is pumped to the brain, and that has a direct beneficial impact on your trading.

So to get instant access to the Ultimate Trader Programming Portal along with the bonus tracks for the discounted price of just $397, click on the button below and sign up now.




But those of you who know me also know that I love passionate people that can’t wait to get started on improving themselves, especially when it comes to trading, which is the discipline that I also love. So to that end, I’m going to give one more bonus that I genuinely believe is absolutely transformative.

So for the first 25 traders that make that commitment to take control of their mind and reprogram it for trading success, I’m going to give you this:

A special bonus report called: Supercharging Your Programming- How to realize your deepest desires faster than you thought possible.

The simple and easy method found in this report is so powerful, that it literally could be a whole training portal on its own. And I even thought about making it and offering it like that. But instead I decided to compress it into a powerful report and give it away freely as a bonus to those traders who have the most genuine desire to improve and succeed in their trading and life.




I wish you the very best in your trading journey!


P.S. I would never give something to my students unless I had experienced its effectiveness myself, so before creating this new portal and writing the report, I personally tested out the scientifically proven methods on goals that I hadn’t been able to previously achieve. And the result? Well I can now speak from experience when I say: they really work!!



How does the process work?

You simply listen and/or watch the main track “Becoming a Profitable Trader” morning and evening for 30 days straight. A video with exact instructions about how to get the most out of it is included. That’s it; you don’t have to “do” anything. The video / audio track is only 9 minutes in length and it does all the work. If you have time, you can also listen / watch other tracks that you’re interested in, or you can work on those after the initial 30 days when the main track is done.

How long are all of the videos / audios?

They range between 3 minutes and 9 minutes long.

Do I have to watch videos AND listen to audios?

No, you can do it via just audio, or you can watch the video and see the words on the screen at the same time. You could also alternate between the two.

Can I download the mp3’s?

Yes, each track has a video version, and a downloadable mp3 version to give you utmost flexibility in when and where you can use it.

Can I listen or watch on my phone, ipad, or other mobile device?

Yes, the videos and audios have been formatted to work on virtually all devices.

Is my access limited in any way?

No, you get lifetime access to the portal and can also download the tracks, so you can listen and watch as often and for as long as you like after the initial 30 day programming period.